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You jump to your feet realizing that you are running late. In your tired state you seem to be completely out of it. You rush through route 1 hoping to spot a pokemon. As you search you stop as you are getting blinded by the reflection of something. You put your hands up and try to see whats blinding you. You finally get a peak and realize its one of the stones the man told you about.

Do you check it out ?
I combed the entire Route 1 but I couldn't find a single Pokemon. Were they just avoiding me or I didn't notice them? As I kept looking something blinded me for a moment and almost made me trip. I put my hands up in an effort to see what it was and to my surprise it was one of the stones that man told me.

''Hey Rick, look at this tablet. Beautiful isn't it? Just like that man told us.'' I decided to get closer and look if there was something inscribed in it. Who knows maybe I can find something interesting.
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