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Luis gets to his feet and starts to move through the underground tunnel. As he crosses through the tunnels he spots an old wooden latter and climbs down. At the bottom he finds a piece of wood sticking in the ground with a red bow hanging off of it. These could be graves but it really doesnt seem like that.

Do you try to dig it up ?
As we advanced through the tunnel we came across a wodden ladder, which only went deeper. " We might as well see what's down there. It looks fragile so I'll put you in your Pokeball for a bit." A flash of red light engulfed Rick and he was transported to his Pokeball.

I finallyreached the bottom, it wasn't that really deep but I felt I've been for hours here. The first thing that caught my attention was a piece of wood with a red bow hung on it . "Did I end in some kind of underground grave? Maybe, but there is one way to find out."

I start digging, let's just hope nothing goes wrong.
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