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You dig through the dirt pulling up a box. You inspect the box carefully before finding a latch on the side. Once you pop you open you find.

You have received a

You recognize it as the Magmarizer the an item used for evolution but are confused what its doing down here. You look over and see two more sticks coming out of the ground. Do you dig them up as well?
''Wow, wonder what this is doing here? At least it wasn't a grave.'' I grab the Magmarizer and stored it in my bag, at least something useful came from this little accident. I was going to head back up but there were other sticks that caught my attention, they were just like the previous one.

''Might as well dig those two now that I'm here, wonder what those contain.'' I procced to dig those as well, but I can't stop thinking there is something else to this passage or maybe I'm just imagining it all.
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