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Default Re: 5TDL vs. 3m0d0ll.

Alright Spartacus, time to make your debut!

[Spartacus] Electivire (Male)
Ability: Static
Signature Move: N/A

Alright Spartacus, let's get things rolling. Use Magnet rise the first action. If that Walrein uses Hail the first action however, go ahead and use Rain Dance to cancel it out. If he uses a move that boosts his stats, use Focus Punch. On the second action, if Rain Dance is in effect, use Thunder. If rain dance is not in effect and you used Focus Punch the first action, use Barrier this action. If you have not dealt damage to that Walrein and rain dance is not in effect, use Low Kick. If protect is used on the second round, use Barrier.

Magnet Rise/Rain Dance/Focus Punch ~ Thunder/Barrier/Low Kick

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