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Default Re: Modern Mythology [SU/DS]

Sorry for not replaying to anyone, but reserves have been listed. Cobalt, while your SU could probably be better, I'll accept your character.

...And because I went overboard on Laura's history because I'm a ridiculous detail freak and thought way too much about her past, here's(currently) my final SU.

Name: Laura Blackwood
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Human; Vampire Hunter
Affiliation: Vampire Hunters (barely), pro-secrecy
Appearance: Laura isn't exactly what you would expect for a girl who hunts down and kills rogue vampires. Coming to stand at about 5" 6' and built like an athlete, Laura tends to throw people off with her ruler-straight strawberry blonde hair that falls to her mid-back and bright blue eyes. She furthers the confusion by wearing various camisoles and shirts underneath a red and pink striped hoodie along with various skirts with shorts under them and the occasional pair of pants, with colorful shoes thrown in for good measure. Her brothers and extended family often remark that she looks like the most cheerful killer they've ever known. However, in truth, she really just hates the tight-fitting, all-black gear that she and her brothers have to wear when they go out on a kill mission...which is pretty rare since they aren't really connected to the hunter group they were raised to be members of. It's also easier for her to hide a array of weapons on her in this outfit, including nearly flat throwing daggers made of various metals (mainly silver, iron, and steel) up her sleeves and a collapsible metal bo staff hidden in a sheath attached to her thigh, under her skirts or outside her pants. She also wears a single piece of jewelry; a steel chain-link necklace from which a thumbprint-sized and egg-shaped chunk of peach selenite hangs. She's known to slip the chain and stone down her shirt front during fights.
Personality: Laura is one of those people who gets along with most others easily. Friendly but relatively calm, she often makes friends through chance meetings because of what she considers her job. While often serious, Laura enjoys a healthy dose of humor and sarcasm just like anyone else; particularly around her "family" which consists (in her eyes) of her twin brother, adopted older brother, her boyfriend, and his family, who might as well have adopted her and her brothers. Her feelings towards her birth parents can be quite easily figured out from the way she talks about them: with almost nothing but hate, particularly on the subject of her upbringing. Actually, her upbringing has given her a compulsive drive to help people in trouble, especially those put in unfair situations. She's very close to her both of her brothers, and would readily give her life for either of them...and nearly did in her twin brother's case. She's highly curious where mythological creatures are concerned rather than thinking them to be "the spawn of Hell" like many humans in her position do, rather, she thinks of them in much the same way she does people. She absolutely cannot stand intolerance between races, believing that you shouldn't stereotype a creature, but hold your judgements until you get to know them as a "person" first...and no one can say she's a hypocrite about it, considering her boyfriend and his family are vampires. And don't crack Twilight jokes about them; Laura will have your head for it.
History: Laura's childhood was more horror story than enchanting fairy tale. She was born and raised within a family of high-ranking vampire hunters alongside her twin brother, Angelo. As a child, she found herself more attracted to the boy who looked nothing like her parents and was eight years older than her--her brother by adoption, Wes, who was a more curious and gentle soul than her rigid parents. Expecting nothing short of perfection from their own children, the Blackwood parents began training Laura and Angelo in the art of hunting and killing vampires from a young age, but Laura never had the right mindset for it; her inquisitive nature drove her parents up the wall. The only one who would indulge it in the slightest was Wes, who spent his all his time in the kitchen from age thirteen on, after an incident with Laura prompted him to attempt baking brownies, which came as a surprising success to the Blackwood parents. It was Wes that became her relief from her abnormal childhood of fighting lessons, mythological studies, and lack of parental love. And when she thought it could never get any worse, it did.

Laura and her twin brother grew distant due to their varying opinions on their parents' teachings. Angelo sucked their forced information up like an eager-to-please sponge while Laura questioned things at every turn, thanks to Wes and a rather independent set of morals. When their parents decided to take then out on their first observation hunt at eleven, Laura faked illness to get out of it, but Angelo went. Laura still regards it as the worst decision she ever made, though she never could have known that her brother would be badly injured--he wasn't even supposed to come in contact with the vampire her parents were hunting, but he did, and it nearly killed him. While another hunter with them insisted upon taking the boy to the hospital, their parents considered Angelo weak and would have let him to die even in the hospital had Laura not basically offered up her freedom in return for her brother's life. They knew she didn't like the idea of her future job, yet she was the "promising" one, the "smart" one. She told them that if they let Angelo die, she would flat out refuse to continue training because they would have let him die for her mistake, however if they let him live, she would do whatever they asked of her without a fight. With Angelo now useless to them both dead or alive, they chose the path that would secure them at least one child to continue to bring glory to the family name. Angelo lived, and Laura lost most of her free will, though she considered it worth it to see her brother alive and relatively well...even if it drove a wall between her friendship with Wes.

Well, until she got caught by one of her targets. One thing stressed in her line of work? Don't ask questions. After six years of being trained to become a career killer with a single purpose, Laura had learned to shut her objections out; they didn't matter. All that mattered to her was Angelo, that her brother was alive, even if she hated her job and her strict parents and the fact Wes always gave her the cold shoulder. So when she was handed a picture of an innocent looking young man who appeared to be the same age as her and told to kill him, she didn't ask why or what he had done to land him kill orders, though she wanted to. She knew the agency that issued kill orders didn't often look into the claims made against those they issued kill orders against, as many simply believed vampires to be a plague against humans that needed to be wiped from the face of the earth, though she had ignored the up until now. The picture bothered her--assignments rarely came with pictures, and this one had obviously been covertly taken while the boy was out with friends--he was smiling and looked not the slightest bit like the insane mass-murderers and lawbreakers that she had killed before. When she finally tracked him down, her doubts had grown to the point that she hesitated in delivering the killing blow long enough for her target to disarm her and begin demanding to know why she'd been sent after him. Upon admitting that she didn't know and telling him that she was just as in the dark as he was, the vampire's curiosity seemed to get the better of him and he began questioning Laura further while keeping her pinned to the ground. Through the course of this questioning, Laura realized her target was actually about as much of a threat to most humans as a kitten, and when he decided to use her as a cooperative hostage to have his kill orders looked into and removed, Laura didn't mind. She spent two weeks with the vampire and his family, during which time her parents essentially disowned her, Wes took her brother and moved out of her parents house, and Laura became friends with the vampires she found herself living with, as well as their few hired humans. When her now awkward living situation was discovered by her new vampire friends, they took Laura and her brothers in. She eventually began dating the vampire boy who had once been her target while taking it upon herself to continue taking out vampires who posed a danger to humans and the secret of the mythological creatures existence. Things haven't changed much since then; she lives happily among "good" vampires with her brothers takes out "bad" vampires for a living, and hasn't seen or heard from her parents since.
Weapons/Abilities: As mentioned before, Laura carries iron, silver, and steel blades on her at almost all times, as well as her collapsible bo staff. She knows how to use all of them, as well as her body, in a fight. She's got fantastic athletic abilities for a human thanks to all the training she endured as a kid as well as above-average observational skills, but other than that, she's nothing special, just an ordinary human.
Other: She may occasionally be seen accompanied by her vampire "family" members on assignments, but it's rare. Typically she insists on going out alone.

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