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The second spot seems a little different. The dirt seems much fresher around this patch than it did the last. As you dig down you dont seem to notice something watching your every move. You reach the bottom and this time you find a half chewed box and a storage of berries. As you lift them up you notice something coming out of the dark!

A Rattata comes out of the shadows. Its seems that this hole was his. Write a paragraph about the battle or capture!
Name: Luis
Party: Rick the Magikarp
Currently: Battle VS Rattata

''There's another box in here, but it's all chewed up. Oh, what's this?'' I move the box aside and find a hidden storage of berries. I started taking the berries out but as I was picking them up, a Pokemon came out of the shadows. ''Rattata!'' The Pokemon cried and quickly tried to Bite me in an attempt to reclaim his treasure. I barely dodged the furious rat and quickly reached for my Pokeball. ''Go, Rick!''

''Karp, karp'' It looks like Rick is eager to start, I can almost feel his determination to win his first battle. ''Rick, use your Tackle attack.'' Rick launched himself towards the Rattata while it also charged towards him with a Tackle of his own. The impact made the two Pokemon to back-off and prepare their next move, both of them still had plenty of energy to keep the battle going on. ''Ok Rick, here's what we are going to do. We have to lure him into attacking you first, so you can counter-attack; attacking directly will only get you unneccesary damage.''

''Kaaarp!'' Now I only needed to find a way to lure the Rattata into attacking Rick... Of course! I could incite it with one of the berries I managed to pick up. I took the berry out of my pocket and started taunting Rattata. ''Hey Rattata, look at me. Im gonna eat this delicious berry and you can't stop me.'' The Rattata cried angrily as it jumped in my direction to attempt a Bite on me again.

''Now Magikarp, use Tackle again!'' Blinded by his anger the Rattata ignored Rick. Rick launched towards the Rattata again but now it was a sure hit. Rick hit the Rattata in the belly and they both fell to the ground, this time Rick was the only one standing. ''Alright, it's time to get us a new companion Rick.'' I reached into my belt and took one of the Pokeballs, throwing it at the weakened Rattata. Now it was time to wait and see if I will get another party member with me.

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