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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
@Kris: We really are having a nice go this time! :D It's definately is great that we have so many characters being brought to the table :D And yeah, that was part of my idea with Snowsong--everybody seemed to get along so well before, and I really wanted to bring in someone who would mix things up xD Let's see how long she'll last before folks start voting her off the island :P

@Grassy: Ah, so that's another reason why she's so awesome! x3

Hmm... I'm getting the feeling that Aggranium's gonna get involved in something he might not like... *glances at Aggron queen looking for husband*

What? Now why would you think that? ;)
Note Re'zula's name, and Aggranium's sign up name, then look at how I've set up the few remaining members of the Aggron clan's names...That's your hint :3

And yes. I borrow personalities from one character for others all the time - Skye happens to have the best personality to borrow for wisdom and patience XD All my characters grow in odd ways. Heck, even Skye's "default" will change over time - growth, collapse, reform, growth, etc. DYNAMIC CHARACTERS WHOO.

Skye: Dynamic, yes. Although I often think you mistake "dynamic" for "dynamite" at this point... She does not even have the decency to spell my name out completely.
It is really long, I reckon.

Aggranium, being so unique and such, doesn't need a nametag. He doesn't share his color with anyone so XD
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