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Luis makes his way over to the last spot. He stopped for a moment to think about it. Was this cages stuff or was there more to this. As he digs up the last box he gets a strange feeling. He looks around but fails to see anything.

Luis goes back to digging. When he finds the last box he flips it open. The box is filled with charms ?? A little confused he stands up. In the dark shadow of the room something runs passed. Before he can called out his pokemon the swift little cat type knocked the pokeballs into the dirt.

A wild Meowth has appeared !!
you are not without pokemon in a dark tunnel. Write a story about your battle or capture !
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I wonder what these cages are doing here? Maybe is something more than pure coincidence. Again I feel something strange around; I look around but all I see are shadows. I decide to keep digging.

And the last box contains...charms. Who would go around hiding charms in the ground? All of a sudden I see a strange figure run by and before I can even make a move a little cat knocked my Pokeballs into the dirt. Still confused of what was happening I find that it was a Meowth that attacked me.

''Where are they? I can't see anything. Guess I'll have to find a way out of this.'' I try to think of a way to tire out the Meowth but at the same time I don't want to hurt it too much. I decide to check the box of charms to see if I can find anything useful and I pick it up. The Meowth that was just staring at me approached me in an attempt to Scratch me, I move but the quick, little cat manages to hit my cheek. ''Oh, now I'm pissed off you little punk.'' Suddenly an idea strucks my mind, why not taunt it with the charms like I did with Cage.

I try to find a charm appealing enough for the Meowth which was waiting for the precise moment to snatch the box of charms off my hands. I finally get a decent charm out and start boasting how pretty and shiny it was. ''Wow this is the best charm I have seen, it would be a shame if someone took it from me. I would never be able to replace such beauty.'' And in a moment the Meowth was running at me, but as I was going to get out of the way the Meowth jumped on a nearby rock and then jumped back to my spot, the Meowth saw through my scheme and he managed to get the charm from my hands.

''Smart cat...'' that was the only thing I could say about what happened, but the Meowth wasn't satisfied with just one charm, he wanted the box for itself. It was time to improvise a strategy. Happy that his trick worked, the Meowth headed towards me again. What do I do?

I again dodged the attack from the Meowth, he again used the rocks as a sort of spring and was now heading to my face. Afraid of being bitten or scratched I put the box between my face and the Meowth. *THUD* ''Huh, I'm fine.''

I was surprised nothing happened to me and as I was looking around I see the Meowth all dizzy. I take a look at the box and notice that this one was made of somekind of steel. ''Now's my chance to finish this, Pokeball go!'' The Pokeball hit the Meowth in the head and dissapeared into it. The ball fell and the shaking began.
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