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The Rest of Chapter Six

After safely reaching the Halloween store about twenty minutes later Rosina instantly saw Jesse waiting in his car a few parking spacing away from where she parked, a smile coming onto Rosina's face at the sight of the male. After cutting off the Impala's engine Rosina got out of her car and placed her keys into her bag, the brunette slinging it over her shoulder before getting Allison out of her car-seat and closed the door. Rosina wore a black and red plaid hoodie over her pink and black striped t-shirt with faded black skinny jeans which she purchased already tattered and her black Converse high-tops, the waist of her jeans accompanied with a red and black studded belt. Allison wore a pink jacket with heart patterns, wearing orange pants and white sneakers. A pink bow was clipped to the side of Allison's dark hair, bringing the color of the bow to really pop out.

"Hey." Rosina said as Jesse got out of his own car when seeing Rosina begin to approach, to which the male waved before unstrapping Rebecca from the backseat of his car. Over his plain white t-shirt Jesse wore a navy-colored wool pea coat with dark brown jeans and jet black boots, his light brown hair a little messier than normal which actually made Rosina's cheeks burn, somehow Jesse looking even more attractive which Rosina didn't see how that was possible.

"We're still taking the kids Trick-or-Treating together on Halloween, right?" Jesse asked as he lifted Rebecca out of his car and closed the door, the toddler wearing a purple jacket with matching pants and white sneakers sewed together in baby pink thread.

"Yeah." Rosina nodded as she tried to collect herself, forcing the blush away. "I'm sure taking the girls out Trick-or-Treating would be much more fun than going to a party in the woods where people are acting like total idiots."

"That's true." Jesse laughed as him and Rosina began to walk towards the entrance of the store.

"It will be good going to a party tonight for once though. The last time I've been to a party was when..." Rosina paused for a few moments as she looked down towards Allison, who still had the teething ring in her hands.

"When Ally was conceived... right?" Jesse asked, to which Rosina sighed and nodded. "Well don't worry. I'll fend off the unwanted guys from you." Rosina laughed in response.

"Maybe I should just dress as a nun for the party, that way hardly any skin will show." Rosina said as Jesse chuckled.

"But that won't be any fun for me." Jesse joked.

"You'll just have to use your imagination." Rosina teased, to which Jesse smirked.

"Trust me, that isn't a problem at all." Rosina shook her head and laughed, the two walking into the Halloween store. The two traveled along the isles with the toddlers each now securely strapped in two shopping carts as they reached the costume section, Jesse and Rosina coming to a stop as they looked at costumes for the toddlers first. Both toddlers pointed to a ladybug costume that was hanging from a hook, the costume coming in all different sizes for toddlers as Rosina and Jesse laughed.

"The two of you want to be the same exact thing?" Rosina chuckled.

"Yes." Rebecca laughed as Allison nodded, both toddlers smiling.

"Well that was easy." Jesse chuckled as he picked out Rebecca's size, to which Rosina did the same thing for Allison.

"Now the real challenge." Rosina sighed, turning around where endless adult costumes could be seen.

"There's your nun costume." Jesse pointed as Rosina laughed, shaking her head as she scanned at the rest of the costumes.

"What are you going to be?" Rosina asked.

"Are you going to tell me what you're going to be?" Jesse challenged with a playful grin.

"I don't even know what I'm going to be but when I decide then I'm not telling you." Rosina snickered. "You'll have to wait until the party tonight."

"Same goes to you then." Jesse shrugged. "I already have my costume at home."

"You do?" Rosina asked as Jesse nodded, bringing the brunette to sigh. "I should probably find a costume which could match the scars... then people at the party would think they're just fake." Rosina absentmindedly brushed her fingertips over the two faint scars on her forehead and cheek, Jesse instantly knowing how self-conscious Rosina was from them. He placed his hand over hers as she looked at the male, his face rock solid with intensity and seriousness in his eyes.

"With or without the scars, you're still the most beautiful girl I have ever met. The scars didn't change anything at all." Jesse's murmured words caused Rosina's heart to quicken, knowing that he meant every word. It was this moment, after endless weeks of trying to figure out what Rosina wanted, that she figured out who she truly wanted to be with. She had been leaning towards Jesse for awhile and had fallen for him, but there were still the feelings for Caleb which had been so confusing to Rosina. During the weeks she truly didn't want to pick between the two males and wanted to stay only friends with them, but this moment something had changed.

She could see the love in his eyes that he felt for her, and Caleb had the same look as well, but Rosina had fallen for Jesse harder than Caleb. Jesse was the one who Rosina would think of every night before drifting off into a sea of unconsciousness, not Caleb. Rosina wanted to tell Jesse this and be with him, but now wasn't the time to do so with their children only a few feet away. She decided to tell Jesse how she felt during the party that night, this decision bringing a smile to her face.

"Thanks Jesse." Rosina murmured back, to which Jesse's solid features softened into a smile as he gave a small nod. The male dropped his hand to the side as Rosina's gaze fell back towards the costumes, her eyes instantly widening before looking back over to Jesse. "Close your eyes. I need to try on a costume but I don't want you to see which one I pick out."

"You're mean." Jesse chuckled a sigh as he turned around, bringing Rosina to quickly take off the bagged costume in her size from the rack.

"I'll be right back. Could you watch Ally real quick?"

"Sure." Jesse responded with a nod. Rosina disappeared from the isle where the changing rooms could be seen from a few feet away, the brunette getting into an emptied one and locked the door. She stripped from her clothes and opened the costume's clear bag, pulling out a light brown top which would only cover her chest and a small portion of her back. After placing on the whole costume, which had actually fit her body perfectly, she looked at herself in the mirror provided in the changing room. Rosina wore a five-piece Cherokee Indian Warrior costume, the brunette thinking this costume would be perfect since she was part Cherokee Indian.

The costume featured a strapless brown, fringe beaded top which revealed her whole stomach and most of her back, the back of the actual costume's top covering about four inches of her back as it wrapped around her chest securely. The costume was accompanied with a fringe armband which Rosina wore towards the top of her right arm, a decorative headband, brown fringed shorts with beads which showed off almost her entire legs and a colorful beaded necklace.

At her house Rosina had a pair of flat Indian side-laced boots which came up an inch below her knee, the color of the light brown boots matching perfectly with the costume. All she needed to do now was buy a pair of earrings which had bird feathers dangling from them, and maybe even buy a bird's feather to place in her hair. Rosina couldn't help but smile at herself from what she saw in the mirror, the brunette instantly falling in love with the costume.

"Can I please see?" Jesse's voice could be heard from the other side of the door as he carefully rolled both shopping carts towards the changing rooms while the toddlers laughed, the male hearing Rosina's playful giggle.

"I'm buying this one, but you'll just have to wait until tonight to see it."

"Could I at least have a little preview?" Jesse wined as Rosina laughed, unlocking the door and opened it just a crack as Jesse slightly peeked into the small room. He could see that a lot of Rosina's body was revealed which made him smirk while his blood boiled from a pleasure which he wanted to explore, though the male wasn't able to determine what costume Rosina was wearing since she closed the door quickly.

"There. You had your peek."

"That was a short peek." Jesse responded.

"Too bad." Rosina laughed, locking the door.

Darkness consumed the sky as Rosina looked at herself in the bathroom mirror in her room, the brunette having changed into her Halloween costume and neatly braided her hair to the right side, the long braid draping over her right shoulder and down a couple inches below her chest. She managed to find earrings with real blue bird feathers which had belonged to the Bluejay, and feathers dangling from her ears. Rosina had also bought a long Bluejay feather which had a clip on the end, to which she clipped the feather in her hair towards the top of her left ear. After placing on her boots Rosina walked downstairs where she was greeted by her parents and uncle, the brunette giving them a smile.

"What do you think?" Rosina asked, referring to her costume.

"You look pretty." Allison responded as Rosina smiled.

"It shows a lot of skin but you still look really nice." Her uncle Hank responded with a small smile.

"Thanks." Rosina laugh, reaching down and picking up her daughter from the ground. "You be a good girl for uncle Hank. Okay?"

"I will." Allison nodded, giving her mother a kiss on the cheek.

"Your father and I have to start going." Hanna announced as her and Rosina's father Bill were dressed in their doctor's uniforms.

"Have fun at the party, and don't drink too much." Bill added.

"I know." Rosina responded with a nod.

"If she ends up needing a ride home then she can just call me." Hank said to Bill and Hanna, who both nodded. After saying their goodbyes they headed towards the front door and opened it, only to have Caleb standing there with his arm raised as he was about to knock on the door.

"Oh, hey Caleb. Come on in." Hanna greeted with a warm smile, the Vampire returning it as he stepped inside the house.

"Nice costume by the way. Vampire I'm guessing?" Bill asked. Caleb's sapphire eyes were glowing brightly as his fangs pierced out from his gums, only this wasn't a costume.

"Yeah. The fangs were a pain to mold to my teeth though and these eye contacts are irritating my eyes a little bit, but I'm only wearing them for one night so I'll just suck it up." Caleb responded with a laugh, to which Hanna and Bill laughed too.

"Well you and Rosina have fun tonight." Hanna said before her and Bill left the house, Caleb closing the door behind them. He then turned around to look at Rosina, his jaw dropping from how she looked. To him she looked absolutely stunning, a hunger for the brunette raising within Caleb as he looked her body up and down. Rosina's eyes widened at what she saw, remembering her vivid nightmare she had all those weeks ago.

A sudden sharp sting stung through Rosina's neck however as she winced in pain, warm liquid beginning to trickle down her neck. She brushed her fingertips over the liquid as Caleb continued to bite where the stinging sensation was coming from, Rosina seeing the dark crimson colored liquid slide in between her fingers.

"Blood..." Rosina whispered to herself, to which Caleb released her neck to look at the brunette in front of him. His mouth was stained with her blood, a pair of sharp Vampire fangs being revealed as the sapphire iris in each of his eyes were glowing a bright blue, the Vampire giving her a deadly smirk.

"You really should had picked him." Caleb chuckled, the sun beginning to beam down through the trees again which made contact with Caleb's skin. His skin began to slowly peel away and burn as Rosina's eyes widened in shock.

"Caleb..." Rosina gasped, though the smirk was still on his face.

"You should had stayed on the path in the woods as well." Caleb chuckled, baring his fangs and sank them deep into Rosina's neck, the brunette letting out a horrible scream...

Rosina snapped back to reality a few moments later as she blinked a few times, the brunette collecting herself by forcing the nightmare away. It was only a nightmare after all which Rosina kept on having to remind herself, and the fact that Caleb happened to look like how he had in the dream could only be a coincidence, because Vampires and Werewolves weren't real. They couldn't be real. If Rosina began to believe the impossible then it would tear away at her, and people would think she were completely crazy. After taking a deep breath Rosina smiled, giving her daughter a kiss before placing down the toddler.

"You ready?" Rosina asked as she walked towards Caleb, who collected himself as well and nodded. The two made their way over to Caleb's car and got inside quickly to beat the chilly night's wind, the Vampire bringing the engine to life and drove away a few moments later.

"Just so you know, I'm not gonna drink since I'll be the one driving us home." Caleb announced as Rosina looked over to him.

"That's very responsible." Rosina chuckled, bringing Caleb to look away from the road and over to her.

"Are you a happy drunk or a angry drunk?"

"A happy drunk." Rosina responded, to which Caleb smirked.

"Good. I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with an angry drunk. I can't wait to see you wasted."

"Why? Are you planning on taking advantage of me?" Rosina joked as Caleb chuckled.

"Don't tempt me."

"I already know you wouldn't." Rosina smiled, to which Caleb smiled back while flashing his fangs as he looked back towards the road.
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