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The Rest of Chapter Six

He then suddenly punched the wall in anger as it deeply cracked around his fist, his turquoise eyes changing golden yellow from anger as two set of thick fangs appeared on both the top of bottom in his mouth. He roared in rage for what he had done, though the sound of the loud music cancelled it out as he shifted into a light brown wolf and jumped out the second story broken window, the wolf landing on the ground in perfect grace before sprinting into the woods.

Two weeks had gone by as October 31st made itself known, Halloween taking over the area of Wilmington where Rosina lived as she sat up against one of many Maple Trees in the graveyard that Halloween morning. Instead of Jesse taking Allison out Trick Or Treating with Rosina she had decided Caleb was going to go with her instead, the brunette avoiding contact with Jesse ever since the party. There were a few times where Jesse had tried to talk to Rosina during work and even went as far as driving to her house, but Rosina ignored him, and even slammed the door in his face when he came to her house. Due to Rosina's broken heart she had decided not to be in a relationship with Caleb either, the Vampire knowing that Rosina needed time to heal, and had even put his flirty comments on pause for now.

Rosina was actually surprised at how understanding Caleb was being towards the entire situation, since she had originally planned on being with Jesse over him. She was grateful however, because if Caleb had stopped talking to her out of anger for picking Jesse over him then Rosina would truly have no one to hang out with. What Jesse had done at the party was completely out of line and sent jolts of emotional pain throughout Rosina's body, and no matter how much she tried to put those memories of the party aside, she just couldn't.

With a sigh Rosina stood up from where she sat underneath the Maple Tree and made her way into the woods, the chilly October air filling her lungs as leaves from the trees turned a fiery orange, yellow and red, some of them falling to the ground already. Rosina walked along the path in the woods for a few minutes until it began to circle around and make its way back towards the graveyard, bringing Rosina to stop as she placed her hands inside her orange sweatshirt's pockets, looking from the deeper part of the woods where she would stray from the path, then back to the graveyard where she knew it was safe. Something nagged her to stray from the path however, bringing the brunette to turn on her black Converse's heels and began to walk deeper into the woods, the sight of the church disappearing a few moments later.

After walking carefully through the woods with the fallen branches and twigs snapping underneath her sneakers while thorn bushes tugged at her pink jeans Rosina reached a steep hill which looked to be about fifteen feet high, the brunette using tree trunks to help pull herself up from the obstacle. Once she had reached the top of the hill after slipping a couple of times she continued to walk deeper into the woods for a few seconds, the nagging feeling that Rosina should venture further into the woods continuing with each step. The brunette somehow knew she was looking for something, but she didn't know exactly what.

A small growl from a large nearby bush startled Rosina as she quickly looked to her left, the bush slightly moving as her heart began to race. The growling only worsened, Rosina's eyes widening a few moment later as a pure white wolf with hazel colored eyes came charging out from behind the thick bush and leaped right at Rosina. She didn't have time to scream as the wolf bared its fangs and knocked Rosina hard against the ground, the air easily being knocked out of Rosina as the wolf slashed its paw across Rosina's face. It was bad enough that she already had a scar to begin with, and from the three claw slashes the wolf just gave Rosina across her right cheek would only add more to her scars; if she got out of this situation alive.

Rosina let out a scream as the white wolf suddenly bit down on her left shoulder, its powerful jaw easily breaking the skin but for some reason didn't break the bone, even though the wolf could easily cause the damage. Adrenaline finally kicked in as Rosina made a fist with her right hand and punched the wolf right in the snout, the wolf letting out a whine in pain as it fell to the ground right beside Rosina. The brunette quickly turned over and was about to stand until she suddenly paused as her eyes widened in fear, Rosina being on her hands and knees as two more wolves were baring their fangs and snarling right in front of Rosina's face.

They were so close that Rosina could easily feel their breath when they exhaled from their snouts. The two wolves were slightly larger than the white wolf, one wolf having copper colored fur with emerald eyes while the other wolf was jet black with dark brown eyes, Rosina frozen in complete fear. She could hear the white wolf stand to its paws and begin to snarl, though Rosina didn't dare take her eyes away from the two wolves in front of her as her body began to tremble, the blood from her shoulder's wound pouring down on the October's leaves underneath her as the blood on her cheek dripped.

Rosina didn't know what to do as the three wolves then began to start circling her, leaving only about a foot of space between her and the preying wolves as they watched her closely, as if trying to decide what action to take next. A angry howl from below the hill could suddenly be heard however, the three wolves quickly running away from Rosina to only stand a few feet behind her just as the familiar light brown wolf came charging from the hill, the animal putting itself between Rosina and the three wolves as if protecting her from them. The light brown wolf began to growl at the other three wolves as they growled as well, and even though Rosina wasn't able to see the light brown wolf's face, she knew the wolf was baring its fangs.

"You..." Rosina gasped, knowing this was the light brown wolf who had came to her when she was injured by the bear trap. The wolf in front of her slightly turned its head to lock one eye with Rosina's, its turquoise colored eye connecting with Rosina's dark eyes as it let out a single bark, as if telling her to run. After a few moments Rosina finally stood to her feet as she swallowed away her fear and ran towards the hill, the brunette carefully running down to the bottom and began to sprint towards the direction of the cemetery as she held her injured shoulder.

"Shift back now!" Rosina suddenly heard Jesse's raged voice coming from behind her, bringing the brunette to come to a halt as she whipped her body around where she had just been fleeing from. The confused expression could easily be seen on Rosina's face as she slowly began to make her way back up the hill as quietly as possible, curiosity killing the cat. "I said shift back! All three of you!" Rosina laid on her stomach as she hid behind a bush and peeked her head slightly out from it, seeing that Jesse was suddenly standing where the wolf had just been, his clothes perfectly clean with not a single rip as if he hadn't traveled this far into the woods.

Rosina watched in shock as the white wolf shifted first into a human girl, this same girl being Sabrina from the Halloween party. The other two wolves shifted into humans as well, the black wolf shifting back into Kevin as the copper colored wolf shifted back into Austin. Rosina placed her hand over her mouth so the group of four wouldn't hear her shocking gasp, her dark eyes widening at what she was seeing.

"I can't believe you're taking that human's side over ours! Your wolf pack! Someone who is friends with the very Vampire who killed Coral!" Sabrina growled in disgust.

"We don't know if Caleb was the Vampire who killed Rebecca's mother!" Jesse growled back, to which Rosina's eyes widened even more. Where on earth had she moved to? Werewolves? Vampires? Nothing made sense to Rosina anymore.

"Oh cut the crap, Jesse! Everything points to Caleb killing my sister!" Austin added with his own growl.

"He needs to be put down, and we should honestly kill his blood-bag of that human girl as well." Sabrina said, to which Jesse snarled.

"None of you are going to lay a finger on Rosina! Do you understand me? I'm still your Alpha." Jesse responded.

"But you're putting her first over our pack!" Austin shouted.

"No, I'm not!" Jesse shouted back, then glaring over to Sabrina. "I swear Sabrina, if you lay another paw on Rosina again then you'll regret it."

"How do you know I was the one who attacked her?" Sabrina challenged with her own glare.

"Because I can smell her blood on you." Jesse growled, to which Sabrina smirked.

"Well can you honestly blame me for going after her? I'm looking out for the pack, something you're clearly not doing. I honestly think that I should be Alpha." Sabrina responded.

"Are you challenging my position as Alpha?" Jesse asked, the male in a crouching stance as if ready to attack.

"Yes, I am. You know how this works, Jesse, especially since you did the same exact thing to become Alpha." Sabrina then shifted into the snowy white wolf and quickly tacked Jesse, the male not having enough response time to shift as Sabrina slammed her body into his and the two went rolling down the steep hill, bringing Rosina to quickly stand up in shock as Jesse's human body slammed against a tree.

"Jesse!" Rosina shouted as she began to run after him, but Austin and Kevin quickly appeared at her side and jerked her up the hill.

"Rosina?" Jesse gasped as Austin pinned her against his body. Sabrina growled, the wolf beginning to sprint up the hill with her fangs bared as Jesse quickly stood up and leaped forward, the male shifting into the light brown wolf in mid-air and chased after Sabrina. He sunk his teeth into the thick fur of Sabrina's left shoulder which made her yelp in pain, though she quickly jerked her head to the side and snapped her powerful jaw closed around the top of Jesse's neck. He rolled on the ground however and quickly got out of the attack as Sabrina sprang forward to jump on top of him but Jesse used his hind legs and kicked her right in the face, the white wolf letting out another yelp of pain as her body hit the ground hard. The white wolf stayed down from getting knocked unconscious, bringing Jesse's full attention back over towards Rosina as he quickly leaped up the hill.

"I swear I'll do it if you take another step closer!" Austin growled as his emerald eyes were yellow with his four canine teeth turned into thick, sharp fangs, his mouth lingering to the side of Rosina's neck as Kevin looked from Austin to the light brown wolf in shock.

"Let her go." Jesse ordered after shifting back to his human form, his own eyes turning yellow from anger. "She has nothing to do with this."

"She has everything to do with this!" Austin shouted, to which Rosina flinched. "Caleb has feelings for her, so if we kill her then that will mess around with his head! He'll be easier to kill!"

"We don't know if Caleb was the Vampire who killed Coral!" Jesse shouted back.

"Just let me kill her! She knows our secret now anyway! She'll tell someone, Jesse! Just one rip to her jugular vein." Austin pointed out.

"I swear I won't!" Rosina spoke as she locked her fearful eyes with Jesse's.

"She won't tell!" Jesse argued. "I am you Alpha, so I'm ordering you to let Rosina go unharmed."

"I want justice for my sister's death." Austin snarled.

"She's innocent though, Austin." Kevin finally spoke as Jesse's words sank into him. "If Caleb really is the Vampire who killed Coral, that happened before Rosina even moved here. Can you honestly take an innocent life? If you do, you'll be no better than those blood suckers of Vampires." Austin glanced over to Kevin, the two staring at each other for a few moments before Austin's eyes slowly went back to normal, his fangs disappearing but didn't release Rosina.

"You better talk to her and make sure she keeps our secret."

"I will." Jesse nodded at Austin, who nodded in return as he let Rosina go. The brunette quickly ran over to a nearby tree and hid behind it as Jesse's eyes went back to normal as well, the male watching as Kevin and Austin walked down the hill without another word to check on Sabrina. She had shifted back to her human form while being unconscious as Kevin scooped up her body in his arms, a large cut on the side of Sabrina's head. Austin bit down on his own wrist after letting his fangs pierce out and allowed his blood to trickle down his wrist, bringing Kevin to lightly tilt up Sabrina's head and open her mouth. Rosina watched from behind the tree as Austin stuck his wrist into Sabrina's mouth and allowed his blood to trickle down her throat, Rosina watching in amazement as the large cut began to vanish on its own.

"That should be enough." Austin said as he took back his bloodied wrist, the small puncture wounds healing on its own as Sabrina slowly opened her eyes.

"What happened?" Sabrina groaned.

"We'll explain everything." Kevin responded, the three looking at Rosina and Jesse for a few moments before leaving, Sabrina still being cradled in Kevin's arms.
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