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Default Re: Question and Answer Thread

Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post
It says that for a Multi-Battle (4 people), it says to PM the person you wanted to team up with if there is going to be teams, but if it was a Battle Royale (Free-for-all), would you PM everyone you wanted to battle with, or post it on the VS. Seeker if you wanted random people to battle with you?
*considering I wrote the system for Multi-battles*

Multi-Battles were written based on the format of the game, which was two on two but with four trainers, two per side. A Battle Royale wasn't originally intended for multi-battles, however I don't see how it wouldn't work. Though I'd imagine that'd be one hell of a battle. Considering you can PM anyone about a normal battle and you can do the same with Multi-Battles. I wouldn't think it's necessary to PM other people for a Royale battle, but to help be more organized, sure. If you want anyone, sure I'd post it in the VS Seeker, but I'd make it clear it was a Multi-Royale, as original Multi-Battles is like a Double Battle only with four trainers.
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