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Default Re: King of the Hill

I noticed that you finally don the armor stolen from me. I switch classes to an assassin from FFTA(if I need to explain that again let me know) I set my secondary ability to the sniper's skill set. I set my reaction ability to Return Fire... which doesn't really matter due to the fact no one is using a bow...
My support ability is Half MP... whish will just reduce the energy cost of certain abilities.
I have the assassin's combo of course... but yeah

Now for how I will deal with this. I use the ability Conceal from the sniper's skill set. I am pretty much invisible to all but those with the Reveal skill which is used only by Red Panthers and Coeurls. I walk up behind you and use Last Breath. It is a non-magic instant KO move used by sniper's. Due to the fact that you literally cannot have learned the Reveal skill, you are hit with a one hit KO move from an invisible being. Needless to say you are KOed. Since I can't loot my items back I just leave you at the bottom of the hill. Due to the fact that FFTA assassins are just a little overpowered, I switch back to my Dragoon set.
Since I am now alone on the hill, I claim the hill.
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