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Default Corey's Pokemon Pearl ColourLocke

Welcome to Corey's Pearl ColourLocke!

You may be asking me, "Okay Corey, what is a ColourLocke and why are you spelling it like that you're American."

A ColourLocke is a nuzlocke where you can only use specified colors. The Pokemon used must all be categorized in the Pokedex as a certain color. In this ColourLocke, the Pokemon will all be brown. I DON'T LIKE AMERICA THEY ARE TOTAL WORD RIP-OFFS

I will be attempting Easy Mode.The rules are as follow.


1) May only capture the specified color.

2) If it faints, it had five revivals. After the five, it's dead and will be released.

3) Deaths caused by poisoning do not count.

4) Shiny Pokemon and Special Pokemon (Legendaries etc) may be caught regardless of any rules, but MAY NOT be used and will be boxed until released or transferred.

5) Pokemon MAY NOT be traded to or from the game unless it is being PokeTranferred or evolving.

6) The six Pokemon must remain in the party until death. Only the specified species can be in the party.

7) If a Pokemon dies, you may catch the same species again.

8) Deaths/Revivals do not come into effect until after the first badge is obtained.

9) Pokemon are matched. There must be three male and female Pokemon in the party at all times. If a partner dies, the Pokemon gains lonely status and must be boxed until a new partner is caught.

Current Location: Oreburgh City


Deaths: 0
Revives Left: 5
Pair: Starling
Status: Paired

Deaths: 0
Revives Left: 5
Pair: Flamburt
Status: Paired

Deaths: 0
Revives Left: 5
Pair: Rocko
Status: Paired

Deaths: 0
Revives Left: 5
Pair: Doofi
Status: Paired

Stories in next posts!


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