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Name: Luis
Party: Rick the Magikarp, Cage the Rattata
Currently: Finding a way out of the underground tunnel

The Pokeball shakes once, then again, but just when I thought I had another Pokemon with me it breaks and the Meowth flees. ''At least I'm not in danger now.'' I let out a sight as I begin to search for Rick and Cage Pokeballs, after a few minutes of searching through the dirt I manage to find both of them.

''It's a relief you weren't thrown far away, we might have spend a lot more here. Well, I think is time we search for an exit and end our little field walk.'' I put them back in my belt and start looking around for a way to get out. The ladder I used to go down leads me to where I started but there is no way I can climb out of the hole I fell; gotta start searching these place if I want answers then.
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