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Default Re: Back to Basics: Fossil Fusion Moved

As I got my Pokedollars ready for a Pokedoll to escape from Swinub. Gaius said. “I think we can escape without the Pokemon coming after us, but I’m not sure, we’ll have to see.”

I watched as Swinub slowly made its way towards us. My Ranger started to lead us around the Ice-Type Pokemon. Suddenly, it’s snout lifted and would not let us leave. Therefore, Gaius took the money for the item. Swinub took the doll and retreated.

“Phew,” I said. Then, the scenery began to change once again. It turned into the fiery hot volcano of Mt. Deckbi. I watched as a Slugma approached us. I haven’t seen Magcargo or Slug ma for some time. However, I was not interested this time.

“Let’s move on Gaius,” I said. I grabbed my wallet once more just in case we could not get away. “Let’s get going!”

Pokedoll Money: 9250 – 500 = 8750 (Possibly)
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