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Default Re: King of the Hill

It seems we need a crash course since you guys don't understand what Latio is wearing.
His teleportation is a passive ability that he gains from the fairy shoes he took. He pretty much can teleport instead of walk.
The Mirror Mail does not let you be picky. It bounces all magical effects back to the user.(In this case that would be him, and I doubt it will rebound the same spell twice in one action. I need to test this.)
If I need to explain the rest of the set Latio is wearing, assuming he is wearing the same exact set that I was, let me know.
Also he is using my Maintenance ability, so you can't jack his stuff.(items such as potions may be okay, but I have not tested it, mostly because you can't steal that type of item in that game)

Aside from that, the ability Double Cast lets you cast two more spells at the same time. It is also an action ability of the Red Mage. Tier 2 Viera class which uses both white and black magic. I may recall incorrectly, but yeah... I know where to look if it matters.

Also, GW, You CANNOT kill me. Thread rules!!

I use the Dragoon Jump ability to leap behind you, and I simply push you off the hill. I claim the hill.
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