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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Thanks ^^ I wasn't sure how that came out ^^')

Name: Moon
Location: Wondering the plains of Giratinas Dimension
Pokémon on hand: Shelly the Wartortle (left with Max and Spin)
Points on hand: 97

Moon doesn't reply right away, calming herself down slightly and watching the ghost fly around a bit. At the last question, she shakes her head.

"My friends are here as well..." she replied, catching up. Her voice is still emotional, but has calmed enough for her to speak clearly. "Perhaps, Spinel is the one you heard..?"

Despite the last question, Moon's mind can't really focus on the notion. Her thoughts are on the ghost itself, what happened with Scar and that scene. Thinking about it makes her feel nauseous and disheartened...

Shelly, finds herself glaring at Max. She still doesn't trust him, and finds herself worrying about her partner. Why did she let her go off without her?!

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