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Thank you for the quick reply. Also here's my character, hope everything's cool. Watch me jack the frost giants from the movie Thor, whoop whoop.

Name: Sopi Jarnsmidrson (Mouthful Iron-Works-Son) (People he knows call him “Soapy” and he’s very okay with this)
Age: 1050 –ish Earth years (comparable to a man in his mid to late 30s if he was human)
Gender: Male
Race: Jotunn or Frost Giant of Jotunnheimr
Affiliation: Whatever Side Will Get It Sorted The Quickest

Disguised: He tends to stand out even disguised, standing a good foot over the tallest member of any crowd. If he is not 7 feet tall he is near on, with dark, almost black, skin with slightly darker scar tissue across his lips. His eyes are an icey blue and he has no hair except thick, salt-and-pepper eyebrows. He has some wrinkles around his face, mostly frown lines. Outside of frowns in emotes very little. He is not often seen with other people, living far from the public eye. When he is around other people he is often dressed in plaid and jeans, covered in soot and wood shavings.

Naturally: His height and overall physique remains the same, the most obvious change being skin tone, going from a dark black to a dusty blue-grey colour. Lines of raised skin would also decorate his body, the lines running mostly in pairs in large, sweeping designs, they would be everywhere including his face but not enough to make it “busy”.

Eyes would be red, the sclera a slightly darker shade than the irises.

He also possess two small, brown horns that start above his temples and grow close to his skull, circling around to the back to meet in two equally delicate points (like a little horn circlet {if you call it that he might not be too impressed though}).

His mouth would possess more, slimmer, pointed teeth, like an unkempt picket fence. In the privacy of his home (and the occasional winter storm) he prefers to go about in a loin cloth of brown leather.

Sopi is a very quiet man who prefers to be on his own. He pretty much disapproves of all change but does not fight whatever changes come for he is use to it after being around for so long.

Because he is long lived he is not a man to be rushed through anything. If he is given time to figure something out he can be quite pleasant but in today's society he finds his fuse to be a short one indeed.

He does not speak often but when he does it is usually for some time. He has a very long memory but, as was the traditional way of the giants, his teachings and his memories he has created as stories and this is how he tends to pass on any information, whether you ask how his day is or how to perform a task he will start it as a story.

Although solitary he does enjoy a team environment so long as it functions. If it doesn’t seem to be working he may try to make it work. Being as big and strong as he is it’s not uncommon for him to use this to intimidate people into line. If another proves to possess a stronger will then he, one that can control the group, he will gladly fall into place and be quite loyal.

Sopi likes to avoid conflict and, when not an option, generally takes the shortest path to resolution. He doesn't mind sacrificing his own comfort he just wants to keep people happy and quiet. In this conflict he will likely go with whoever (or whatever) plans to make things fixed quickly and with the least amount of change if possible.

He was born after the war on Midgard had ended but his family and a few other giants had been left behind. They were not warriors, only the families or colonies that had not been brought back to Jotunheimr when the war had been swiftly ended by Odin. They did not have the power to take over (and Odin would not allow the attempt) so the remaining frost giants moved to the furthest edges of human contact and tried to get along.

Sopi has lived his entire life on Midgard and considers it home. He was vocal about this and many other thoughts such as his desire to be human and his love of their ingenuity. His father gave him the scars around his mouth when he was still quite young and he became very quiet after that. Not long after he left home.

He tried to integrate with humans but his disguise and the age he lived in made this very difficult in northern Europe since he towered over everyone and the colour of his skin, blue or black, did not sit well with the fearful and uneducated masses. Because of this he tends to keep mostly to himself even though things have improved in the last century.

- Ice Sword: He can form an ice blade around either hand. It’s quite strong and, if broken, can be easily “regrown” quite quickly (not instant though). Weakened in warm environs.

-Ice, Just Ice: He can also have ice form on any part of his body and along the ground and in spires, though this is limited by about 7 feet and needs to be connected to him (IE: If he wants an ice spire seven feet from him he must first form ice under/around his feet, create a line along the ground and then push the ice upwards, not just... have a spire grow, wabam!). This sort of power is weak in warm places.

- Transformation: He can change his shape (most obviously noted in his human form, which is easy to maintain). He can shift into animals he knows which runs the risk of him losing himself as the more basic animal mind sort of passively, sneakily fights for control. He can control his actions but the longer he remains as a beast the more likely it is he might forget he’s a 7 foot tall blue guy and just remain as whatever animal he is. High stress situations could make transformations back more difficult.

- Strength (Super Human): Sopi is a pretty buff guy and also from an alien race (essentially) so he's pretty tough. Anyone with some strength behind them can break his ice and Sopi has no trouble breaking through his super-dense frozen water.

- Cold Resist: He loves the cold and would happily spend the winter mostly naked if that wouldn't have people seriously wondering about their neighbour. Also he tends to turn blue when it's really cold out, unable to keep up the human guise. He can't use his powers without turning blue where the ice touches.
Countering this he cannot stand the heat and becomes easily sunburned. Also, doesn't sweat he sits and pants and is a miserable person in the summer.

- Cold Body: If he's blue and feeling threatened/upset I wouldn't suggest touching him unless you like frostbite. He does have to feel threatened or incredibly angry for this to occur, so he does not have control over outside of controlling his mood.

He identifies as male but is functional as both male and female in the genitalia sense. There is no gender division in the frost giants, all are male and female (unless they choose to take on only one gender which is uncommon). When he refers to his “father” that would technically be his mother. Sopi does not know his “sire” and even after all these years finds the "nuclear" human family unit strange.

Also not immortal, but they do have a long lifespan.

Has a "respect the land" mentality and dislikes big cities.
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