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Default Re: Daily Chit Chat

Society thinks everything is bad. xD Depends on what it is though.

Chocolate/Ice Cream is bad if eaten like, three times a day in huge amounts, but it can make you feel better as a comfort food.

Bread is essential in everyday diet but it will raise the glucose in your blood if eaten too much. No bred/carbs causes weight loss.

A little wine every now and then is good for the heart, but too much of any alcohol causes brain, liver, and kidney damage.

I would say something about cannabis, but I can't find anything bad...

Weed eases nausea, slows tumor growth in cancer patients, has antispasmodic qualities that prevent seizures, cures migraines (over 300,000 cases have been cured in California), treats symptoms of multiple sclerosis and glaucoma, slows tics in tourettes and OCD, is better for ADD and ADHD than ritalin, good for IBS and crohns because it stops nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea, works to prevent Alzheimer's, eases pains from PMS and much more. Even grows brain cells.


But yeah. I don't know where I went with that.

EDIT: omg this would make a good discussion thread

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