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Default Re: King of the Hill

(Drago, we're pulling s**t from EVERYWHERE. And merging it together, ripping it apart and reassembling it, tossing it into the garbage can, flattening it, inflating it, and dancing on it. We're not following any strict rules of the worlds, we're technically making everything up as we go along, like Calvinball.)

(ALSO, critical, crippling wounds technically aren't allowed, so your post wouldn't count at all and I basically had it for two least not without putting something in place that allows for easy and instant recovery. IE, the HosPITol I so many times reference.)

I ignore literally all of Drago's post and use THE POWER OF IGNORANCE!!! Using THE POWER OR IGNORANCE, I ignore Gold's existance, allowing me to move up the hill while IGNORING the damage and knockback he will most likely do, and plant my mighty flag on the hill with the force of a shockwave to knock everyone back, including Gold, who I am currently IGNORING!!!

Since nobody is on the hill, I shall have it for myself.

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