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Originally Posted by dj-tiny View Post
Trainer: dj-tiny
Currently Route 8

Tiny sees the Taillow beside him Pigd gets out of his pokeball?
Pigd flys in the air so does the Taillow.
Pigd attacks first by using Aerial Ace.
Taillow dodges by fly under the bridge and back up on the other side and attacks pigd with wing attack Pigd does by flying higher that the Taillow can go.
Then Pigd Dives bomb the Taillow with Brave Bird and Taiilow flys toward pigd using Brave Bird both hit each other above the air above the brigde and Taillow come flying down and land and use roost to heal the damge it had taken pigd attacks it with another Brave Bird it hit Taillow off the brigde and Taillow trys to fly back on the brigde to roost again but Pigd hits it with an quick attack.
Tiny the throws a dream ball at the Taillow.
Official's Post

The ball wobbles from side to side...


Taillow was caught! Taillow has the hidden ability Scrappy. Taillow was sent to the PC.
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