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Default Re: Pokemon Black 2 Nuzlocke! (Totally NOT ripping off CM!)

Thanks to some malevolent force, I have lost my Black 2 card. *BOO!* I'll get my shotgun if you won't accept White 2...! So, yeah. White 2 now. Until I find Black 2, it'll be just White 2. If I find Black 2, 2! updates will be made. Okay, rules I'ma inserting....

  • All Pokemon must be nicknamed
    -The nicknames shall be based off of music in some way. (Double-Bar, A#, The Who's...)
  • The first Pokemon on the Route/Area is the ONLY one that can be caught. If it faints, then LOLNOEP.
    -If it's a Shiny, this rule is bypassed.
    -Additionally, I can trade in the Pokemon for the next Route for a Pokemon from the Dream Radar.
    -Every other Gym, I can get a Pokemon from the Dream Radar if it is the same type. I can also choose to exchange this for two Pokemon on the next Route.
  • If a Pokemon faints, it is dead FOREVER. It must be boxed.
  • I have one trade. This can be for an egg or another Pokemon.
    -This is bypassed if the trade is just for evolution.
  • The game ends when Iris is defeated for the second time, White Treehollow Floor 10 is completed and the Shiny Dratini is obtained, once Kyurem and Reshiram are caught, or when I complete the Champion Tournament at the PWT.

Okay? I'll not be lazy next time when I decide to make a story log or whatever. Um...kthanxbai.


[BACONATOR] Major/Tepig (M)
Level: 12
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Quiet
Somewhat vain.

[PROBABLY NEVER USED] Minor/Purrloin (F)
Level: 3
Ability: Limber
Nature: Careful
Often dozes off.

Level: 12
Ability: Huge Power
Nature: Calm
Strong willed.

[DREAM MEDALLION] (Going to be Heavy Metal) Bronzor
Level: 12
Ability: Heavy Metal
Nature: Serious
Sturdy body.



I said this before, but...


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