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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Location:Exploring the ruins


Alyssa and Luna make there way to the wall. How could this tomb have gotten into this room? Alyssa runs her fingers across the spot that the breeze is coming out of. Luna gets up close and finds the hole that seems to be connected to the brake.On the other end she follows it down. to the edge of the floor and than along the ground to the tomb at the very bottom she finds writing.

Luna looks at it for a moment. She pauses for a moment standing up. She begins to write to Alyssa buts stops as she hears a soft sound in her head.

*We were not to blame for who we were*

(no its just art work on the wall. Sorry thats the best way to get what im looking for across, ill try to make it more clear in the future!)

Seth looks at Lee.
"No, Idea but that thing looks like it was being worshiped like a god..." Seth pauses for a moment as he hears something coming from ahead of them. The torches start to flicker and they continue on. The flicking worsens as they move forward.

(Silver team a cross over is coming soon. Gold will be coming to silver ! when posting remember there are 2 people over there who will be joining so dont post to much let others respond! also an egg claim is coming up soon. So if you are owed one get ready to find it !)

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