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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

Psst, Sheepat, Sy was talking to Embyr, not Brokenstar XD

Yes, I can see a relationship there. Early on Brokenstar said something to Hope but he never responded XD As for being awesome, well, she is based on Skye's personality and wise people in general are awesome. Add old age on that and BAM. Perfect mixture :D

And good Char XD Aggranium, I really actually don't like seeing him hurt. Every other favorite character I torture ruthlessly, but him...I could, but I prefer not to! Guessing games are always a source of amusement.
Good ol' Grani :3

Also why do I get the feeling Lifewing is going to - somewhat ironically - wish Brokenstar dies because of how she chewed him out? Imagine the guilt if he did that and she did. Lol XD
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