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Default Re: Pokemon X and Y Discussion

Originally Posted by Shozuka View Post
I don't know what to think. I'm excited for the games but some of the Pokemon look uninspired and the release is way too soon. I don't even have a 3DS! >_<
I wouldn't say it's too soon- it's been three years since Gen 5 was announced, which is (roughly) the same gap between RBY-GSC-RSE-DPPt-BW. It probably just seems shorter due to BW2.

Personally, I was devastated during the first watch of the trailer, then I watched it again and perked up, and then again, and then again and I feel miles better and more excited. I think a big part of me is mourning the loss of the traditional style games (especially as I desperately want RSE remakes) but the 3D style of X & Y remind me of the Gamecube games and I loved them to pieces.

Also, it looks like they're not adding in a whole new gen of Pokemon which is a plus.

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