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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Wonders on to Route 5
In party:


In Box

JC and Ashley run onto Route 5. The weather feels wonderful today, after being in Zenith through what seemed like week staying out of the storm. It was nice to get out and stretch their legs.

"Well Ash, here we are again. Still no badges but we have a lot of new friends !"

It is a pretty nice day, isn't it? Nice and peaceful, without too much excitement. Well, actually, things are about to get interesting...

As you travel down the road, you notice the aftermath of the storm. The earth is still pretty moist, but the bright spring sun is doing its best to dry it out. In the distance you can see the wide horizon of the sea stretching before you. A light breeze brushes past you, carrying with it the tang of salt.

Just as you come over a small hill, tiny forms dart past your feet--followed by bright flashes of electricity. Startled, you step back and blink back the spots appearing in your vision. Once you can see again, you glance over and see squirrel Pokemon scurrying across the grass. They seemed to be terrified by something farther along in Route 5.

Yet as you watch in confusion, you see one lone Pachirisu bravely charging in the opposite direction of the others, a look of determination on its face.

What does J.C. do? Follow, or continue onwards?

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