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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Location:Exploring the ruins


Seth looks at Markus with disgust and then back at Alyssa
"Of course this guy wants to be allies just him and that little strange girl ! There is no way the mighty Chrome Clan is working with this losers!"

Name: Yellow
Location: Exploring the ruins


Yellow looks at the hovering Unown. She starts to wobble around and drops down.
"They're in pain Markus ! They are all in pain. I can feel.."

Yellow stops abruptly as the figure begins to move. the Unown move faster and faster. Soon a small opening is formed as the shadow walks forward. At first they can all only hear his voice. Each getting ready to attack if they have to.

*Alliances are a joke. Your petty squabbling is a joke. There is only the one truth human nature is death.*

His words are so powerful and coated with evil the shatter any peace of mind anyone has. The words echo so loud through there thoughts each member is set back with the feeling that there soul is on fire.

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