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Default Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Speculations

Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
If Chespin's going to be Grass/Dark, that'll be pretty cool :D

I agree that Fennekin is going to be fire/psychic, because of the move it used ^^

But I actually think that Froakie (personally, I think it's an adorable name) is going to be part Ice--the move it used in the trailer almost looked ice-ish to me, though it probably was just a water move, lol. Its colors and design seem reminiscent of ice, too; and if you break down the name... "Fro" could either be frog or frost... BUT that's up for debate xD

In terms of an Eevee-lution, I'd like to see a ghost type; seems likely, but Pokemon's known for surprising us, right? xD
I'm hoping for Grass/Ghost. That would be a nice twist.

As for Fennekin becoming Fire/Psychic, I really hope that isn't the case. I mean we already have Victini and we have Zen Darmanitan. Sure it would be refreshing to stop the firefighters, but please not fire/psychic.

Most Water-type pokemon can use Ice-type moves. You can't simply bet that a water-type will be part ice by using an ice-type move.
Originally Posted by Popshakes View Post
I am really in love with this game so far. :D Honestly I think the typing for the starters will go a little like this:

Fennekin as a Fire/Psychic
Froakie as a Water/Fighting
Chespin as a Grass/Dark

Which would make the game a little more interesting. Everything has 2 types they can beat from their respectable counterparts. I think that is what the typings will be considering the trailer showed Fennekin using fire and psychic moves, Chespin using grass and dark moves, and Froakie using water moves and what looked like a fighting move. :D
Seriously please none of the above. We have enough of each of those types.
Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
I think;

Chespin: Grass and Dark or Ghost
Fennekin: Fire and Ground, Psychic, or Electric
Froakie: Water and Flying or Electric.
I'm hoping:
Chespin becomes Grass/Ghost
Fennekin becomes Fire/Electric or Fire/Ice
Froakie I don't care.
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