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Default Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Announced! New Pokemon Screen caps!

Originally Posted by NES2 View Post
Actually, do not want. I am not liking this on so many levels.

NES2's List Of Complaints
  • I wanted a Hoenn R/S/E remake!
  • More Colosseum would have been nice too!
  • I wanted Pokemon Dash 2 over another Generation!
  • Way too soon, the last game released what, last year?
  • That 3D! It isn't Pokemon! Pokemon are cool-looking sprites!
  • The starters look awful!
  • The legendary Pokemon look awful!
  • That trainers looks awful!
  • X? Y? What is this, "Chromosomes: The Game"?
  • As an owner of a 3DS, even I didn't want this game to be platform-exclusive!
  • France!? The region is FRANCE!?
  • What is this!? Why is this happening!? Why change what works!? HELP ME ARCEUS!
*begins casting glares*
  • I DIDN'T LOL. They're probably waiting after XY so it can be in MARVELOUS 3D. :D
  • More? xD If they made a similar game, it wouldn't be called Colosseum 2 or anything. xD I agree, that'd be nice though, but it'd only be for the Wii.
  • That's really unlikely. D: Dash was pretty down in the dumps in sales.
  • The faster the better! :D
  • Complete glares being cast now. The starers are so cute and adorable and...*pukes rainbows*
  • I agree with you there. xD I like the deer though. They Y one is...ewie.
  • Eh, they look alright imo. Jaye likes the male one though. Never saw much of the female.
  • Since XYZ are the coordinates of a 3D grid, this is most likely what they're based on. Pokemon X is likely to follow. o:
  • NO NOT FRANCE. It has France-like landmarks, like a tower similar to the Eiffel Tower. Like Castelia is based on New York City. o:
  • It's making it better, not 'fixing' it. D:
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