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Default Re: Pokemon X and Pokemon Y Speculations

Originally Posted by Judgmental Arceus View Post
I'm hoping for Grass/Ghost. That would be a nice twist.

As for Fennekin becoming Fire/Psychic, I really hope that isn't the case. I mean we already have Victini and we have Zen Darmanitan. Sure it would be refreshing to stop the firefighters, but please not fire/psychic.

Most Water-type pokemon can use Ice-type moves. You can't simply bet that a water-type will be part ice by using an ice-type move.

Seriously please none of the above. We have enough of each of those types.

I'm hoping:
Chespin becomes Grass/Ghost
Fennekin becomes Fire/Electric or Fire/Ice
Froakie I don't care.
Idk about Grass Ghost/Dark anymore. The design of Chespin makes it seem so un-viable. o:

Fire/Psychic would be BEAST. I love Victini. <3

Fire/Electric would be so much more beast. I'd die. I. would. die.

Fire/Ground seems most likely, since fennecs are desert dwellers.


The only water fighting is Poliwrath and Keldeo. xD
The only Fire/Psychic is Victini (Zen mode Darminatn doesn't really count to me).
The only Grass/Dark we have are Nuzleaf, Shiftry, and Cacturne. :\
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