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The hidden under ground tunnel had brought you to the edge of Route 2, or did it...The tunnel had cut across some of Route 2. As you walked along you had no idea that you had just went through a short cut !

You can take 6 hours off your time on Route 2 thanks to a short cut !

Your search takes you to the edge of the woods. Seems to be rather quite here. Do you take a break here or continue searching for pokemon ?
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My search took me to the very edge of the woods, to a place that felt more calm than the rest of the route. ''We've been looking for a while now. It might be not a bad idea to take a rest. Besides we are a bit worn down, everyone come out.'' It was the first time they were all together and they went to play for a while.

''Come on, let's get some sleep. We need to rest before we keep going but before you may want to eat something.'' I handed them some chocolate bars I had been saving as extra rations, as well as some water. ''Seems like this was the last of our food. We'll restock at the next town so don't give me that sad look.'' I looked for a comfortable place to sleep and found a pretty good spot under some trees. Finally, we get some well deserved rest.
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