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Default Re: The Twisted Fields

Chapter 34
The Rooftop

We had moved our way through the cold, metal prison, shooting down two more guards. We had already caused a commotion among the prisoners, wondering who we were really. We kept silent until Randy had found the switch to unlock all the prison doors, and he locked down the entire prison, sealing off the front and back entrances with steel security doors. Only then did we tell them we were part of the Silver Rebellion, but we told them to remain in their cells while we called for backup. Though we were trapped inside, we were protected from any outside forces coming in from the ground. Hopefully it would be enough to last until backup had arrived.

We had met up with Randy again on the first floor, and already I could hear banging on the metal panels, meaning there were more Crimson Stars trying to break down the door. We then headed upward, and we made our way up to the top floor, and looked for the entrance to the roof, since the stairwell and the elevator didn’t reach all the way up. After looking everywhere for a second staircase, we found the only one, which was behind a rusty metal door with a tiny plaque labeled “Maintenance.” I grabbed the doorknob and it was locked. I wasn’t very surprised. Vice had looked it over and just shrugged.

“Oh, what the hell is the point?” Vice remarked, readying his sharp claws.

He slashed furiously at the metal door knob, sending a loud and hideous screeching sound into the air. I put my hands on my ears to neutralize the terrible sound, as well as shutting my eyes tight. When it was over, I put my hands down and looked to see a twisted metal lock on the floor, with deep cuts into it. I looked at the door and saw Vice had ripped out the lock, knob and all. Now it was just another normal metal door with a gaping hole in it.

“Locks only keep out honest people.” Vice said casually, grabbing the ruined door and throwing it open, “Come on, let’s get out of here.”
“Man, glad I was on the receiving end of that.” Randy replied, looking at the knob with disbelief, “I don’t think I would have much of a head left after that.”

We headed through the doorway and came across a spiral staircase with rickety metal stairs. We made our way upward and into another small room with a metal door. The tiny metal room was especially dirty, and looked like it hadn’t been cleaned in years. Regardless, we quickly made our way for the door, and opened it. We then made our way onto the metal roof, and we could see the red and black sky with its occasional lightning above us. We walked over to the edge and looked down and saw plenty of Crimson Star soldiers on the ground. There was only one way to escape now, and that was through the air.

Randy had grasped the Pokéball containing Vice’s Pidgeot Storm Gale. Randy had prepped the ball, tossed it into the air, and the shiny red and white Pokéball had struck the metal floor. A bright white light had poured from the open ball, and moments later the light had formed into Vice’s Pidgeot. The brown and beige Pidgeot with its long yellow and pink crest had looked toward Vice, her trainer…

“Listen, Storm Gale.” Vice told his Pidgeot, “This Pichu’s name is Blitz, and he needs to tell Achilles to send backup for the Macomb attack. Tell him we already have the silos and the weapon depots destroyed.”

Storm Gale had turned herself around and spread her wings, signaling for Randy to climb on her. Randy had made his way over to her, climbed onto her back, and buckled himself in tightly using the leather straps tied around Storm Gale.

“Fly fast and furiously.” Vice told Storm Gale seriously, “The lives of hundreds of Silver Rebellion soldiers lay the hands of both of you!”
“They aren’t going anywhere!” We heard a voice shout above us.

The three of us spun around and to our shock, we saw four Wind Strikers and what appeared to be their leader, a green and vicious looking Scyther riding on a Flygon. Vice had stepped back and shook his head.

“Oh no…” Vice moaned in fear, “It can’t be him… Not now…”
“Who is that?” I asked Vice, never before seeing him in so much fear.
“That’s Vorox and Tychal.” Vice told Randy and I, “Vorox has killed nearly a thousand Silver Rebellion troops, torched five of our cities, and had earned all seventeen ranks of the Crimson Stars…”

Randy had looked up at the Scyther with a fearful look in his eyes. I couldn’t believe it either.

“You mean he’s the…?” Randy asked in fear.
“Yes…” Vice replied, “The leader of the Wind Strikers…”

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