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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Party: Gwaine The Gallade, Slink the Rattata
Currently: wondering what's going on

There was a sudden shaking as I continued down the path. Gwaine seemed fixated on something north of me, and Slink ran towards it.
"Slink! Wait up!" I yelled out running after him, as Gwaine followed, wondering what to expect.
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The Little Rattata slipped right passed you. It seemed set on finding out what was going on. As you chased after you felt the mini earthquakes more and more. You must be getting close to the source. As you round the corner you see a group of odd looking pokemon jumping.

The Roggenrola seemed to be jumping on purpose. They were all fixated around a tree. Do you check it out ?

Originally Posted by lu1z View Post
Name: Luis
Party: Rick the Magikarp, Cage the Rattata, Greed the Meowth
Currently: Taking a break

My search took me to the very edge of the woods, to a place that felt more calm than the rest of the route. ''We've been looking for a while now. It might be not a bad idea to take a rest. Besides we are a bit worn down, everyone come out.'' It was the first time they were all together and they went to play for a while.

''Come on, let's get some sleep. We need to rest before we keep going but before you may want to eat something.'' I handed them some chocolate bars I had been saving as extra rations, as well as some water. ''Seems like this was the last of our food. We'll restock at the next town so don't give me that sad look.'' I looked for a comfortable place to sleep and found a pretty good spot under some trees. Finally, we get some well deserved rest.
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The night seems to fly by, you watch the stars sparkle before falling asleep. The next morning you are woken up as Cage runs over your stomach followed by Meowth. You had almost forgot that these two pokemon had enemies in that tunnel for awhile. Adjust wasnt going to be easy for them. The two were playing and that was a good sign.

You got up and prepared to search for some berries. In the bushes not to far from where you were you found.

You have received a FriendBall

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

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