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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Officials Post

The Little Rattata slipped right passed you. It seemed set on finding out what was going on. As you chased after you felt the mini earthquakes more and more. You must be getting close to the source. As you round the corner you see a group of odd looking pokemon jumping.

The Roggenrola seemed to be jumping on purpose. They were all fixated around a tree. Do you check it out ?

Gwaine the Gallade, Slink the Rattata
Being Sneaky

"Slink, Return." I whispered as I attempted to sneak up on the group of pokemon. They didnt hear the hum off the pokeball, and were intent on shaking this tree. I left Gwaine out of his pokeball, since he is more intelligent and obedient.
"Gwaine, could you teleport use somewhere close by, and silently, so I can check this out?" I asked. Gwaine nodded. His eyes glowed and the world around me seemed to collapse in on itself. It reappeared, but I was somewhere else. I was now only a few feet away from the Pokemon, hiding in the bushes. After 10 minutes of watching them do the same thing, and getting a headache from the constant thumping, I walked towards them, Gwaine at my side in case it turned ugly.

"What are you pokemon doing?" I asked, knowing that they probably won't understand me...

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