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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Gwaine the Gallade, Slink the Rattata
Being Sneaky

"Slink, Return." I whispered as I attempted to sneak up on the group of pokemon. They didnt hear the hum off the pokeball, and were intent on shaking this tree. I left Gwaine out of his pokeball, since he is more intelligent and obedient.
"Gwaine, could you teleport use somewhere close by, and silently, so I can check this out?" I asked. Gwaine nodded. His eyes glowed and the world around me seemed to collapse in on itself. It reappeared, but I was somewhere else. I was now only a few feet away from the Pokemon, hiding in the bushes. After 10 minutes of watching them do the same thing, and getting a headache from the constant thumping, I walked towards them, Gwaine at my side in case it turned ugly.

"What are you pokemon doing?" I asked, knowing that they probably won't understand me...
Official's Post

As you approach you have to brace yourself on a tree. The little guys only stop after you shout at them.
The group stops for a moment and one walks forward.

"Gogg Gogg" the little rocks then looks up. Your focus changes to the tree. You notice a little Goggenrola struggling in vines high up in the tree. You try to get a closer look and you noitce another pokemon!

The Roggenrola has someone got itself stuck in a Carnivine trap ! Do you rescue it? if so write a paragraph about the rescue attempt

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