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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Wonders on to Route 5
In party:


In Box

Ashley is the first feel it. She pauses for a moment as the breeze overtakes her. Her little hands float lifeless as tall grass slips through them as if forced by the wind to draw her attention. She stands still her noise pointed up, she takes deep breathes collecting a lot of the scent. I smiled as the breeze hit me unaware of what was going to happen.

After the first one darted passed me I turned back. My hand firmly gripping Trons pokeball. Ashely interested turned to the little one making its way forward. She didnt seem to give me a choice as she pulled me forward. I called out Tron and Mud, Mud would be a valuable assist getting closer to the water. I ran after Ash and in turn Tron steam rolled ahead while Mud waddled next to me.
You chased that adorable little electric squirrel down until you come across a very... er, unusual scene.

In the meadow before you is a hulking beast of a machine. It's hovering above the grass like a UFO, with large tentacle-like arms that are snatching up panicking Pachirisu. It's unusual to see so many of the electric squirrels in one place, isn't it? But as you watch, you realize that the machine is drawing them in as if magnetized. Whenever the arms snatch a Pachirisu, the squirrels squeal in terror as their electricity is extracted from their little bodies.

You suddenly hear maniacal laughing from atop the UFO.

"Run while you can, you nasty little rodents!" you see a man of, well, dweebish countenance controlling the machine. His square-framed glasses are glinting in the afternoon sun, obscuring his eyes. "Once I extract power from you and other Pokemon in Celestia, my invention will be unstoppable! Ahahahaha!"

... Wait. Let's get this straight...

Nerdy guy is powering his fancy UFO with the electricity from squirrels?

... Oooooookay then?

Er, anyway, the Pachirisu you were following looks down at the chaos with a determined look on its face. Its cheeks begin sparking in anger. It looks ready to leap to the aide of its brothers and sisters, but it seems to know that it can't do it alone. Realizing your presence, it turns to you and cries out, "Pachi, Pachi!"

Pachirisu is asking for your help! What will you do?

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