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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post
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You chased that adorable little electric squirrel down until you come across a very... er, unusual scene.

In the meadow before you is a hulking beast of a machine. It's hovering above the grass like a UFO, with large tentacle-like arms that are snatching up panicking Pachirisu. It's unusual to see so many of the electric squirrels in one place, isn't it? But as you watch, you realize that the machine is drawing them in as if magnetized. Whenever the arms snatch a Pachirisu, the squirrels squeal in terror as their electricity is extracted from their little bodies.

You suddenly hear maniacal laughing from atop the UFO.

"Run while you can, you nasty little rodents!" you see a man of, well, dweebish countenance controlling the machine. His square-framed glasses are glinting in the afternoon sun, obscuring his eyes. "Once I extract power from you and other Pokemon in Celestia, my invention will be unstoppable! Ahahahaha!"

... Wait. Let's get this straight...

Nerdy guy is powering his fancy UFO with the electricity from squirrels?

... Oooooookay then?

Er, anyway, the Pachirisu you were following looks down at the chaos with a determined look on its face. Its cheeks begin sparking in anger. It looks ready to leap to the aide of its brothers and sisters, but it seems to know that it can't do it alone. Realizing your presence, it turns to you and cries out, "Pachi, Pachi!"

Pachirisu is asking for your help! What will you do?
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I gaze dumbfounded at this strange machine. It takes me a moment to focus again. Its design while cruel was genius. I had seen a machine like this only once in my life, but that was outside of a museum on display. Ignoring the pokemon factor of the machine for a moment all I can spit out is.
"Great Scout that this was put together well.."

Ashley doesnt seem to be as impressed as she tugs at my pants.
"Chimchar Chim !!" her voice echoed more of the concern for her fellow pokemon. The little guy we followed made a valuant attempt to take down the beast of a machine, but didnt get very far. Once it noticed we were here it rushed over.

The machine threw me off, even my reaction time seem to slow down as it called for help. Watching it call for help was enough to snap me out of it. I was going to need the help of my whole team to take this thing out. I released the rest of them one by one.
"Areo,Bug, and Dizzy come out !"

I looked at the team regretting not having brought the little Aron to toss at this thing.
"We gotta help out the Pachirisu! They're defenselessness against this thing. First Mud im going to need you to get that thing a muddy water."

Mud looked around noticing the muddy puddles all around. He smiled and nodded. After that thing is coded in a good cover of mud. Dizzy you are going to go in there and distract the medal arm. Use your Tweeter Dance to avoid it catching you. Next Areo you will carry bug in dropping it near the window of the driver. The two are you to attack the glass, just to cause a distraction. Tron and Ash you two will go in once he is distracted. Tron use your power to bash at the spots Ash burns."

JC turns to the little Pachirisu
"You are going to come with me. We are going to get that door open and you are going to give that guy a little surprise ! "

The little guy smiled

With the plan set in place I watched Mud take off. All the muddy water around the route helped Mud create a great wave. Mud focused rushing in right passed the arm. The little Wooper used its belly to slide right passed the swinging arm. Mud was truly at home near water. With enough mud gathered, the little guy started its attack creating a splash of muddy water. It then begin to cover the machine with clumps of mud. Which started to interfere wit the machines magnet. With the mud in place, Dizzy rushed in. Its random movements confused the operator who swung the arm back and forth wildly. With the arm in place the bird pokemon swooped in with the the little grass bug on its back. Pidgey dived in and out dropping on the wet window. Swaddle used its powerful bug buzz attack to strike at the window.

I stood there waiting for the right moment.
"Now, Ash, Tron Go!"

Ashley made her way through the muddy path she reached the back of the machine and began to you use Embers to burn at the steel case. Tron made its way over. Using its heavy arms to batter at the damaged haul. While the two went to work fighting the machine I picked up the little squirrel and made my way to the back of the machine. With a couple of strong tugs I pulled the door open and began to make my way to the driver. This whole plan was banking on us distracting the guy. Once I driver I stopped.

"Light em up."

The little Pachirisu nodded sending a blast right at the man.

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