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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Name: Frita
Location: Ruins
Team: Wildfire [Quilava], Furr [Sentret], Abra Egg, Unown F
Points: 36

Frita's eyes widened, both from the pain of hitting the groud and the shock of loosing Sprout. He had been lifted right off her shoulder, despite his best efforts to cling to her. She had had no way of moving to help the Bellsprout and now he looked ready to cut her to shreds with a Razor Leaf. "Sprout..."

The Bellsprout made a menacing noise, shaking his now inky colored leaves. "BELL." His voice sounded almost mechanical. Frita's lip curled in a snarl. Before she could move, Wildfire released himself from his Pokeball. He stood by her side, flames flaring angrily. He glared at the shadow man.
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