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Default Re: Back to Basics: Fossil Fusion Moved

As I went to hand over the cash for the Pokedoll to escape from Slugma… Gaius nodded in his direction and looked at the Slugma. I watched as Slugma yawned ad turned away. It seemed as if it was not bothered by us!

My Ranger, Gaius shrugged his shoulders and moved away. We escaped Slugma! I was quite happy I could save some cash. We waited for the next Pokemon. I followed Gaius and the scene changed around us. We were in front of a large lake, with lots of trees with foliage all around. It was a great lake.

“This is a relaxing atmosphere,” I said, and smiled. I noticed a Totodile nearby and was ready to battle.

“Gaius, let’s move on again,” I said. “Here’s some money just in case we need a Poke Doll!” I handed out some cash just in case. $6250 – 500 = 5750.
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