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Alright, I'm working on a tribute video project for the game Liberal Crime Squad, and I need voice actors to read out a few lines for it. There are few specific parts, and most will be just random voices, though there are a few specific parts I need and certain requirements. Hopefully that talented PE2K voice acting community will help me with this. If not, I'll have to scour Newgrounds, which will be MUCH more difficult.


Voice Type: American. No imitations, sorry. This is about American politics, so the voices for the setting needs to be accurate.

Audio-Quality: Highest-def possible, minimal background noise. I don't have a quality recording device or studio to do some of the voices myself, which is why I need help.

Gender: Any. Liberal Crime Squad is an equal-opportunity setting at L+ women's rights.

Specific Roles: A police officer is needed for one part. Try to sound commanding and loud, since this part blares through a loud speaker.

I'll be taking applications through PMs, if anyone is interested and/or cares:


Username: (This is obvious.)
Gender: (Are you male or female?)
Self-Described Voice Type: (What do you think your voice sounds like?)
Specific Role?: (Do you want to play the role of the police?)
Voice Sample: (I need you to record the line "We are the Liberal Crime Squad!" as a sample.)
Comments: (Anything else you want to say?)
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