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So I was washing my hair and like every normal person I like to shout at myself in the mirror practicing different voices. One stuck out, maybe because it sounded so joyful and mad, I don't really know. Anyway, after my hair was washed I decided to write a little script for my new Psycho Jester character and two random fill-in characters. The Jester will be in Indigo, the gruff man will be in Red, and the other man will be in Green.

WARNING: LOWER YOUR VOLUME BEFORE PLAYING, I SHOUT IN THIS, AND I SHOUT LOUD. I did take a step back from my mic, but it was still loud for me.


Backstory: two adventurers have stumbled into a desolate palace, seeking anything of value to bring back to their king. However, the Jester King, who now inhabits this old palace does not take kindly to intruders and has imprisoned them in a large cage.

Welcome children, to your new home! I know, itís not much, but Iím sure in time youíll come to love it! Look, you even have a friend to talk to! Canít say heíll talk back much, having a head is sort of a pre-requisite for speech! -Maniac laugh-

Youíre a sick clown, you know that?

I am no clown! Clowns are not funny! We jesters have a long heritage of humor.

Just let us go! Please!

Jest? Jest? Why of course Iíll jest for you! Itís part of my job description after all! -Maniac laugh-

Release us! Or Iíll stick my sword so far up your-

Oh you two are never leaving! This is my world, and you entered uninvited. That means youíre intruding and therefore subject to my punishments!

Please, we did not mean any harm. We are sorry for intruding. Let us leave and we will not allow anyone else to come into your realm.

Oh no no my dear child, your punishment must be severe! Iím thinking either death, or a firm slap on the wrists.

Why you! Come in this cage and say that!

Oh, if only you could see the looks on your faces. Youíd go stark raving mad. Fortunately though, itís too late for me, so Iíll be okay. -Maniac laugh-

-whispers to cell mate- Hey, we could probably break out of here if we-

Are you plotting an escape? Naughty children wonít get any dessert after supper you know.

So what do you intend to do to us?

Iím going to feed you of course. What kind of king would I be if I let my children starve?

I ainít eating any of your tainted food. Itíll make me go insane, like you.

Oh, release the shackles of societyís sanity! Let your mind tell you what to do. Unless, of course, you give poor advice. Then listen to me -Maniac laugh-

Why are you doing this?

I want a world where everybody is mad like me. Picture it, itíll be as beautiful as a rotting pig carcass! Majestic and graceful all at once! -Maniac laugh-

When I get out of here-

If you get out of here. If. But you wonít be leaving. No, no. It would be very rude to leave, especially when the host has offered you a meal.

Poison us all you want to, you sick fiend. Youíll never break us.

Well, if I break you Iíll just glue you back together. Worked wonders for me! -Maniac laugh- Oh deary me, youíll be mad within a day, if I have anything to say about it!
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