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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
Gwaine the Gallade (Unconcious), Slink the Rattata, Bitey the Poochyena
Currently: Moving through Route 3

I knew that I was off to a bad start if Gwaine was already unable to battle. I still had Slink and Bitey, but Gwaine had saved my skin in more situations than I like to mention, and I didn't feel very comfortable in unfamiliar territory without him by my side. To think, he, a fully evolved, healthy pokemon passed out from 1 bite from a poochyena. Bitey had better be a good addition to the team.

I kept walking along the path, hoping to run into someone or something to help Gwaine...
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Cobalt wondered down the path. Annoyed that a cut had caused this much damage. Inside the pokeball Gwaine was going to be safe for now. Slink and Bitey tried to keep to keep up with your quick pace. As you rushed through Route 3 you searched for anyone you could find. Ten minute up the road you finally spotted someone.

Do you go confront the guy ? or keep rushing towards the next town ?

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