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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Official's Post

Your journey to Zenith Town is proving to be much hard than you had expected. You had been walking day long. Determined or not you got tired and had to finally slow down. So when you got the point of almost falling over asleep you finally decided to give yourself a break and try to get some smell.


Oh no, your sleep before you could even get one eye closed !

A wild HootHoot appeared !

Write a paragraph about catching it or scaring it off!
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"Go Bitey!" I yelled and threw the pokeball. The small canine pokemon appeared in front of me.

"Your turn Bitey! Use Quick Attack!" I said. Bitey obeyed. She ran beneath the Hoothoot, then quickly pounced and knocked it to the ground. The hoothoot stood up and it's eyes began to glow. I felt a slight pain in my head. This must be confusion. Bitey was dark type and unnafected.

"Bitey! Thunderfang!" I yelled. Bitey ran towards the pokemon, fangs glowing yellow, and bit it on the wing. Suddenly electrical current flowed through the Hoothoots body, causing it to shriek in pain. It remained still after that, twitching from the electricity. It was too weak to fight. Now if my chance.

"Good job Bitey! Go Pokeball!" I yelled throwing my last pokeball at HootHoot...

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