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Originally Posted by Cobalt Shadow View Post
*you can't say I had no reason to. 3 times in 25 hours ha ha. And that it want a good pun*

Gwaine the Gallade, Slink the Rattata, Bitey the Poochyena, Hedwig the HootHoot

"I think I will call you Hedwig," I said to the pokeball ,"that isn't taken is it?"

Suddenly a wave of fatigue hit me.

"I am going to sleep now and if anyone wakes me up (Insert graphic, disgusting and scary act here)"

I found 2 trees a good distance apart and pulled my hammock from my bag (It was there XD)

I jumped in and slept knowing I had alot of ground to cover tomorrow.
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*It was a good pun and I felt the same way you did when I first either way at least its more interesting !*


The next morning you are woken up when you hear someone moving around you camp site. You flip off the hammock and see a strange lady walking around. She seems to be talking to herself.

Do you approach her?

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