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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

Okay so up to three(four if I think I can handle it) and they can have odd coloration, right?

Name: Elise

Species: Grovyle

Gender: female

History: Elise was born albino. Being albino, she was socially shunned as a treeko. The other treekos didn't want to play with her because she was so different. She also happened to be smaller, so some of the other treekos even bullied her. She spent most of her life alone because she was scared of other Pokemon. After evolving, she gained the natural abilities of Grovyle. The coloration of the abilities were different. This was intimidating to her peers. She was perfectly fine alone, but then a strange thing occured. The valley was attacked. She found herself captured and cut several times. She, being an artist at escaping from her peers, escaped, but she took a sludge bomb to the small of her bag which of slowed her down of course, but the poison splattered all over her wounds. She still managed her escape. A week after, she is roaming a swamp somewhere. She is a little thin and fairly hungry and slightly dehydrated. Her wounds healed leaving crimson colored scars. She is still feeling the effects of the poison. She isn't able to hold food down all the time. If her heart beats fast enough from exertion or surprise, she will pass out.

Personality: She is very timid and quiet. She will normally not speak and does not trust easily at first. She could probably use a little social interaction, but she will not actively seek it.

Appearance: Aside from her coloration, she looks like an average Grovyle. Her skin is all white, and her leaves are red. She has crimson colored scars on her shoulders, thighs, sides, and the upper parts of her arms. They are also along her back. Their accurate symetry suggests that their placement was not random. She also looks sick.

When she uses Leaf Blade, the blades that form on her arms are crimson instead of green, and most of her grass attacks will be reddish in color as opposed to being green.
I will probably give someone bunnying rights.

Name: Malachi

Species: Salamence

Gender: Male

History: He started as a Bagon. Like his peers he threw himself off of clifts hoping to fly, and like his peers, he gained a head as hard as rock. It is doubtful that throwing himself off of the cliffs was beneficial to his IQ, but he did evolve into a Shellgon eventually. His life as a Shellgon was simple enough. He waited while his body was slowly being altered. At some point his home was being attacked. His clan was strong, but they failed. He was unable to escape at this time. He was treated as a punching bag by a Haxorus. He spent a good while here. He was trapped in an enclosure with no roof, and he was the personal sparring dummy of that Haxorus. It may have taken a week of physical abuse, but he sprouted wings and took to the sky. He had to fight his way out of the valley, but he was able to make it out to a swamp. He was injured by one of his adversaries. It was Hydriegon who seemed more of a shell than a sentient being. It clung and ripped at him with its many jaws. Infection now would be his primary worry, and the bog he was in did little to help.

Personality: He is fiercly loyal to those who earn his respect. He is not a mean guy, but he won't go out of his way to be a nice one.

Appearance: He is a Salamence of slightly larger stature and usual coloration. He has multiple bites on his four legs and on his body. His head has some scars from his fights, but nothing serious. He also has a bit of his tail missing at the very end. It will probably grow back because reptiles do that.

Other: He will probably spot you guys, and I will probably give someone bunnying rights when I need to.

I want do two more for the Hydriegon and the Haxorus, and they of course will be on the side of the enemy.
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