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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
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As Hedwig makes it way over it is prepared for almost anything. When the pokemon falls down asleep you rush over to help, but feel yourself getting tired. You take a step back

A wild Munna has appeared!

IT seems to be scared of you and you pokemon. It has already put one pokemon to sleep! Write a paragraph about the capture or battle
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*Saw this coming. Quick question though, don't HootHoot have Insomnia XD

Hypnosis is Psychic, so Bitey is my best bet.

"Go Bitey!"

The Poochyena appeared in front of me teeth bared. The Munna attempted to use Hypnosis again. It didn't affect Bitey.
"Bitey, do what you do best!" I said.

Bitey ran forward then pounced, biting at it. Suddenly Munna's mouth opened wide. Suddenly it yawned in Bitey's face. She looked drowsy already. I know I didn't have long.

"Bitey, sand attack, then Thunderfang!" I yelled. Bitey kicked some dirt into Munna's eyes, then bit it again, this time sending electricity through it's body. It remained limp, with the occasional spasm from electricity.

I pulled out a friend ball, then noticed that the button was red. I remembered I had already caught two pokemon on this route.

"Do you want to catch it? I have filled my quota, and I think it could be useful with your research. Might be easier to examine eggs with the parents asleep. It is already as weak as it will be. All you need to do is throw it" I said to Maria, offering her the friend ball...

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