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Default 6th Gen fixing pokemon that badly need for some love

some pokemon are pretty useless to the extreme some base stat 580 pokemon have no bussiness have no bussiness being used in ou, uu or even RU. This thread is for comming up with reasonable idea's on how to fix them. These idea don't have to confer to any prievous generation pattern ie, 3 abilities per pokemon, so long as they are not redicilous as huge power on something that will make it redicously over powered.

Here is mine


is an intresting pokemon ghost ice typing is not bad by any means for hail teams as it provides anti spinner supoort, an immunity to fighting and the ability to set up spikes are all nice. Whats the problem, well, it's weak, it's frail and it's ice and ghost typing still give weaknesses to rock (stealth rock), steel (bullet punch), dark (pusuit) and ghost, which are all unwanted and sr weakness on a hail team is pretty nasty. The solution is simple to make froslass a real ou contender, sarfice to immunity to ground in levitate for snow warning and what you get is the ultimate hail team jack of all trades.

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