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Default Re: Modern Mythology [SU/DS]

Lillith, Patterson, Manus, and Cathleen all look good. I think I'ma going to start the RP soon, depending on time, as I think almost everyone has finished their SUs...

Getting in one last SU while I'm at it...I can't help it. XD
Name: Reine Gisela
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Yuki-onna (An ice woman from Japanese mythology known to freeze stray travelers)
Affiliation: Pro-secrecy, however she also believes the mythological creatures should work harder to coexist with humans...hence her day job
Appearance: Reine Gisela (also commonly called "Reine" or "Gisela", depending on which you prefer) is marked with fairly few traits that give away her true nature before she puts on her human disguise. One would have to be her skin, which is incredibly pale, and even sometimes translucent or iridescent in appearance, mixed with slightly blue-tinted lips and almost perpetually frost-coated lashes. Her eyes are often considered her most striking feature, being large and a funny color that seems like a kind of watered-down mix of gray and blue that manages to just barely stand apart from the whites of her eyes, and almost always hold a distant sadness, and sometimes even aloofness to them. Her strawberry blonde hair is surprisingly untouched by frost and falls to her mid-back, though it's often more caught up in two incredibly loose braids, one falling over either shoulder, a simple crown of ice frozen into place slightly askew stop her head. She is often seen wearing a square-necked, pale periwinkle blue dress with sleeves that reach her elbow and would have belled out in a calla lily shape had they not been cut open, though a more wrinkled purple material gives her complete long sleeves that extend past her wrists to cover her palms. The skirt of the dress is floor length, hiding bare feet, though the periwinkle is interrupted in another cut straight up the front that reveals a full purple skirt underneath, and the dress in its entirety is known to glimmer when hit by direct light, as though its covered in frost.

However, she can't go walking around like that all the time. In fact, Reine often spends her time in a toned-down, more human appearance because of her a model. Her 5'7" body is deceptively fragile-looking, particularly because she looks wire-thin, yet completely healthy. Her skin is still nearly snow-pale, but not transluscent, though on occasion camera shots may cause her to appear "sparkly" or come back with an unexplained glare, though she's convinced most people it's just a strange hazard of working with her, and her lips have just the slightest hint of pink to them. Her eyes become a darker color, taking on more of a slate gray with a light blue undertone, and her hair remains the same, minus her frozen crown. Due to her modeling job, she's often seen wearing different kinds of clothing, but you can bet it's probably designer if it's on her body, and she has a tendency to lean towards wearing dresses when she can, and often hides her hands in gloves to keep from accidentally freezing people or things.
Personality: Reine is a hard-to-reach person, she's not unfriendly, but she also isn't very outgoing, either, unless she's doing a shoot or a show. She tries to act like most things don't interest her, even if they do, because she has a hard time believing that she won't hurt other people she's frozen several people and other things solid over the years, both on accident and on purpose. It's lead to her being rather quirky, as well--she refuses to spend time out in the heat unless she absolutely has to, and even then she gets jittery and even faint at times, and she tries not to touch people of let others touch her directly. Most times she feigns being a germophobe, however some people have noticed her inconsistencies, not that they mention them. For them, she a fairly good natured and beautiful model with her handful of quirks. While she isn't the easiest person to befriend, she seems to have grown somewhat close to her security detail...with the exception of one member--Straton Sinclair. Reine is also known to be incredibly opposed to the use of violence in anything, and is really pretty softhearted for a girl made of ice. Part of her reasoning in becoming a model was because she didn't want to become like her mother; the other part was because she wanted to do something good with her life.
History: Reine doesn't like talking about her past. She hates, talking about it, actually, and not without good reason. She was born as the second child of two to a Yuki-onna mother, while she never knew her father. Why, you may ask? Because it's rather likely her mom froze the man to death shortly after the act that created her life...and it wasn't the same man that fathered her older brother, either. Her mother was what most people would call certifiably insane; an inability to control her own powers combined with isolation from others of her kind caused her to go mad, to crave warmth and acceptance she couldn't have...and it led to her accidentally killing a lot of people. Particularly a lot of men. Enough men that it eventually led to her being hunted down by demon hunters and killed to keep the secrecy of mythological creatures in tact, leaving Reine and her older brother, Neige, orphans at ages 10 and 15. Her brother used his own abilities to shift his body of ice into that of a wolf's in order to cope with his grief, leaving Reine mostly to her her own thoughts and rarely allowing his more human form to surface. The two carved out a simple life among the mountains they had grown up on while essentially under "probation" of sorts; if either child began repeating the mistakes of their mother, they would meet the same fate.

And then one day Reine got sick of it. She decided she was tired of living in isolation with no one but her non-speaking brother for company. Instead, the Yuki-onna was determined to become the opposite of her mother--that she would find a way to surround herself with people and be careful not to harm them...a few months later, she walked into a call for models to do clothing advertisements and walked out with a job. From there, Reine's all-around unusual coloring and pretty face made her popular. However popularity has its lots of public exposure. Her newfound popularity out her in a precarious position, and not too long after she began doing more important shoots, her brother personally went out and hired a human bodyguard for her; a man who simply goes by the name Davide. Davide handled keeping and eye on her for years and brought a few others into guarding Reine, but it was him that Reine took to thinking of as more of a father figure. She's been through several guards for varying reasons, most recently being the tradeoffs that landed both Ashfinger and Straton among her guards... She knows it's because of a recent string of disappearances and murders, however she's also not going to let herself be pulled away from her job easily.
Icy Touch-If she isn't careful, things Reine comes into skin contact with (moreso in her normal form rather than her human disguise) are likely to freeze solid, it also results in an odd trick in which she cups her hands to her mouth and exhales, causing snow to form.
Body of Ice-Reine's body is made mainly of ice, and she can and will build upon it with , rapidly freezing water in the air to weaponize her body to give herself claws, ice swords, a shield, ect.
Ice Queen-Not only can Reine manipulate the ice that forms her body and freeze the air around her, ice seems to obey her, bending to her will should she will it to.
Other: She's based off an idea I got from having to analyzing Dickinson poetry--a more human appearance for her "Blonde assassin" in her poem "Apparently with no surprise." She's also often seen with a large white wolf...her brother, Neige, follows her everywhere he can to ensure her safety.

...Okay, I lied. Stupid brain generating more and more characters.
Name: Straton Sinclair
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Human, Demon hunter
Affiliation: Pro-secrecy, however he also wants to get rid of every single non-human in existence
Appearance: For being such an unpleasant person to be around most of the time, Straton actually isn't very bad looking. His lean body reaches a height of 5" 9' and he tends to give off an air of being ready to take on anything at any time. His chocolate-colored hair is a bit long and shaggy, yet it doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest. His hazel eyes are sharp and unfriendly, though you might catch them looking upon things with other emotions if he's no aware anyone is looking at him; he likes hiding them behind a pair of wraparound sunglasses so it's harder for people to tell where he's really looking, though he's not afraid to go without them. Unlike Davide, Straton doesn't have an official looking guard uniform. Instead, he opts to wear a close-fitting black long sleeved shirt under a black zip-up running jacket and normal jeans. Under the jacket, he hides an array of knives slipped into a single strap that goes from one shoulder and attaches to a belt at the waist of his jeans. While he's often seen reaching over his shoulder when he gets angry, it's a nervous habit--he hasn't been allowed to carry a gun since the incident that landed him his assignment with Reine. A rigid sliver bracelet covered in a vine pattern stays around his left hand wrist while his right ear sports several iron earrings. He's known for producing all kinds of strange pouches from pockets inside his jacket.
Personality: Straton is one of those people whose life goal is apparently to make a huge jerk of himself and tick off everyone around him. He's not the slightest bit friendly, and hates authority, yet willingly obeys it, only to complain later. He despises mythological creatures and wouldn't love anything more than the ability to see every single one of their kind extinct. He's got a mental comeback for almost everything, but hardly ever opens his mouth unless he's spoken to first, so don't ask his opinion on anything unless you really want it. He more than willing to resort to violence as an answer to anything and everything, which landed him him with a job as part of Reine Gisela's security detail in order to make sure she wasn't a threat to anyone and no one was a threat to exposing her true identity. He hates his current assignment with a passion and simply deals with it by acting most of the time as if Reine doesn't exist; he barely looks at her or speaks to her, giving everyone else the impression that he hates her moreso than he hates his job. He's pretty antisocial around others, and has a relatively short fuse.
History: Straton was born the middle child of a large family of extremist Demon Hunters. While his family imparted their strict mindset on how the mythological creatures of the world should be eliminated, most of his family members also complied to the rules set down by a larger Demon Hunter organization...what they didn't teach Straton, however, was to put a cap on the family beliefs to carry out his assignments. They didn't teach him to ask questions, either. He was always reported for overstepping his bounds, falsely punishing mythological creatures, starting anything he could with them. Where Straton Sinclair went, death and destruction in varying forms seemed to follow. Eventually his record caught up with him, however, and an incident in which he killed a werewolf without clear reason got him his last warning: If Straton stepped even slightly out of bounds once more, he was done. He would be removed from the ranks of Demon Hunters. With that said, they took away his gun and bow privileges to remove the temptation of shooting anything innocent and handed him his next assignment: playing bodyguard for a Yuki-onna girl who worked as a model. What he just thought was going to be a rather simple yet annoying job dealing with a spoiled brat mythological creature has since turned into a nightmare, as there is another mythological creature acting as a guard as well as the fact he may now actually have to protect the kind of creature he hates most with all these disappearances and murders going around.
True Sight-If he tries, Straton can see through the disguises of non-humans--it's run through his family for generations.
Trained Killer- Straton was raised to kill demons, and as such, he can (and here will have to) rely on his hand and knife skills in a fight; he keeps an array of knives in various metals on a kind of belt that goes from his shoulder to his pants belt. He can use a gun or crossbow, but he doesn't have one or the other right now--he lost his gun privileges after the incident that had the Demon hunters shipping him off to guard Reine.
Hidden Arsenal- Straton uses pockets inside his jacket to hide various pouches, the two seen most often contain iron and silver "shavings", but no one knows everything he's hiding in that jacket of his.

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