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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Johto: Silver Version (Open!)

Name: Dark Dredd
Location: Heading to the most powerful place in the ruins


Shadow Pokemon

(Shadow Pokemon Get a +10 )

(okay with everything going on, i should have posted this more clearly. The points you see already have the two bonus added. Normally there will be a +10 for shadow pokemon but at this level you dont stand a chance against that. So these pokemon have a a +5 shadow/+5 Ruins (Which really is just the -5 that would have applied to each of your pokemon.

So dont worry about the ruins bonus or the shadow pokemons boost! I added that. Now as far as type and evolution go, treat this battle like you would a normal battle. Shadow will always have the type bonus ! If there is anything else please post in the club thread)

Unown D (Damien's) (Defeated)

Noctowl (Alyssia's) (Defeated)

Ladian (Seth's) (Defeated)

Bellsprout (Frita's) (Defeated)

Butterfree (Markus's) (Defeated)

Gastly (Luna's)

Unown E (Lee's)

Here is a good example of the battle.

Markus's Battle
[Attacker: Girius the Crocanaw
Attackee: Monarch the Shadow Butterfree
Attacker's Points: 18
Attackee's Points: 20 (+10 for starting bonus)
Bonuses: +5 type, +5 Evolution
Attackers's Points after: 0
Attackee's Remaining Points: 12
Markus pays 12 points

Lee's Pokemon: Buzz the Ledyba
Opponent: Shadow Unown E
Opponent's Points 30
Ledyba's Points 6
Bonuses: 0 (Ledyba level to low)
Attackers Remaining:0
Attackee's Remaing:24

Lee's Pokemon: Flint the Cynidquil
Opponent: Shadow Unown E
Opponent's Points 24
Cynidquil's Points 5
Bonuses: 0 (Cyniduils level to low)
Attackers Remaining: 0
Attackee's Remaining: 19
(Chramander you could pay off the rest to win the battle, other wise you can ask a teammate to help finish it.)

Attacker: Quilava [14]
Defender: Bellsprout [20]
Bonuses: 0 (+5 Shadow, -5 evolution)
Attacker's Points: 0
Defender's Points: 6
(you can pay to finish the battle or ask for a partner to help )

Meghan good job !

Now back to the battle

Seth looks at the dark Ledian.
"This is good !"

Attacker: Noctowl
Attackee: Ledian
Attacker's Points: 20
Attackee's Points: 28
Bonuses: +5 type
Attackers Remaining Points:
Attackee's Remaining Points:13
Dredd losses -13 points to beat Ledian (I choose to use points to finish, if you dont want to pay use another pokemon until the battle is over.)

The dark pokemon faints but is quickly sucked back to a dark ball.
"aw man.. Seth rushed forward watching the ball disappear."

Yellow frowned watching the battle. She looked at Ariados
"Thats Damien Unown D."

Attacker: Noctowl
Attackee: Unown D
Attacker's Points: 20
Attackee's Points: 30
Bonuses: +5 type
Attackers Remaining Points:
Attackee's Remaining Points:15
(Damien youll have to finish the battle with Ariados ! One he faints you can switch back your Damien who should be waking up.)

Dragonair: 33054
Dragonite: 33129
Level100: 33264

GCEA Link Page Pokemon Evolution List

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