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Default Re: What You Want to See in the Starters

Originally Posted by Judgmental Arceus View Post
I have now considered a possibility that Fennekin could be a Fire/Dark, Fire/Normal, Fire/Steel, Fire/Rock, or Fire/Ice Pokémon. Remember how mostly Fire-types use Grass-type moves to counter Water-types, Rock-types, and Ground-types, how Fighting-types can use Rock-type moves to counter Flying-types and Bug or Dark-type moves to counter Psychic-types, and how Water-types use Ice-type moves to counter Grass-types? I've been thinking that Fennekin gaining access to Confusion, a Psychic-type move, could be a defensive measure to counter a super-effective Fighting-based Pokémon. I could be wrong that Fennekin can just conveniently use the move, but this does lie in as an inherent possibility.
Well, if you're talking about THE Fenniken, then I'm afraid you're 100% wrong since it's legitimately confirmed that all the starters will be pure with no secondary typing.

I'm still betting on Fennikin's line being pure fire.
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